Californian dishes

7 Californian Dishes You have To Try When Visiting

The food is Cali is some of the best in the US, and these particular Californian dishes are a must try when visiting. What makes the state so special is their incredible produce, talented chefs and a melting pot of cultures. The end result? Vibrant and creative cuisine.

Whether you’re eating you way around California, take note of these dishes and try out the recipes at home. These aren’t just any recipes either. They come from some of the world’s top food bloggers. The best of the best. Make sure you bookmark the dishes and check out all their other recipes as well.

You may not be in California right now, you can still pop into the kitchen and cook up one of these absolute classics.

Must-Try Californian Dishes

1. San Diego Pork Carnitas Tacos

Mexicans take their Carnitas tacos seriously because it is so mouth-wateringly delicious. Succulent, slow cooked seasoned pork, shredded and stuffed into tacos. They are now a staple on the streets of San Diego.

This recipe is by Nagi.

2. San Francisco Style Cioppino

This rich and hearty fish stew features lots of fresh shellfish and the bread is ideal for dipping into the sauce. A proper meal that you will never get sick of.

This recipe is by Ceasar Solarzano

3. The Ultimate California Burrito

These ultimate California burritos with skirt steak are a whole different level of goodness. They eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner in California, and we can see why.

This recipe is by Ana.

4. California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Style Chicken Pizza

This homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe is a tasty California Pizza Kitchen copycat recipe that is easy to make and tastes just like the original!

This recipe is by Jillian.

5. California Waffle Fry Nachos

Your kids will love these unique nachoscali because they are just so fun to eat.  No matter how they are served, no matter the toppings, nachos are always a hit!

This recipe is by Kim.

Californian dishes

6. California Sushi Rice Bowl

Deconstructed California sushi rolls are served with low carb cauliflower sushi rice for an easy meal that can be prepared ahead of time for your weekly meal prep. One of the tastiest Californian dishes ever.

This recipe is by Jennifer.

Californian dishes

7. California Veggie Burger with Longanisa Vegan Mayo

This California Veggie Burger filled with California produce and made with a veggie burger patty.  It’s dressed with a longanisa vegan mayo to give it a little Filipino flare.

This recipes is by Rezel,

Californian dishes

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