21 Canadian Food Dishes To Try

Canada Foodie Bucket List: 21 Dishes To Try Before You Die

The culinary delights in Canada are never ending, including some amazing pizza, burgers and local delicacies that are exciting and varied. Canadian food is rightly regarded as some of the best in the world.

But what exact Canadian foods can you simply not afford to miss? The must-try dishes?The meals that you simply have to eat when traveling around this huge and beautiful country.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard and hungry work for you and picked out some absolutely droolworthy dishes.

Trust us; you are going to be seriously hungry once you start flicking through these…

1. Ribeye Steak – CUT Steakhouse, Halifax

Not just any steak but a 22oz Bone In Ribeye, USDA Prime from Omaha with
an added decadent topping of seared foie gras. You’ll be in a serious food coma after this one, but in the best possible way. Pick the right red wine to wash it down with and this is what they call heaven.

Ribeye Steak in Canada

2. Rain or Shine Ice Cream – Vancouver

You could have your ice cream in a cup or even a cone but why would you do that when you can come here and get ice cream tacos. Yes – ice cream TACOS. There’s a huge range of flavours and toppings to choose from so you can make it just the way you like.

Canadian Food

3. BBQ Platter – Le Smoking BBQ Food Truck, Montreal

This all started with just one food truck in 2013 but now Food Trucks have the largest fleet of tasty trucks in the country. Le Smoking BBQ has wonderful BBQ food that they cook low and slow. The meat platter with all the sides is a thing of pure joy, especially when sitting out in the sunshine eating it.

BBQ Platter Canadian Food

4. Curry – Guru, Edmonton

Eating at Guru is one of the best Indian dining experiences in the country. Their fusion style food has lots of Asian influences and is made for sharing. We can’t choose just one curry dish; they’re all incredible. The perfect place to come with a large group of friends for a properly social meal.

Curry Canadian Food

5. Afternoon Tea – Bampot Bohemian House Of Tea, Toronto

This is a brilliant experience where you are in the hands of people who are seriously passionate about all things tea. The Bampot Bohemian afternoon tea has a veggie deluxe three cheese pizza, cakes, sweets, nuts and fruit. Served up with a pot of their delicious tea, this is a treat to be savoured.

Afternoon Tea in Canada

6. Poutine – La Banquise, Montreal

It’s safe to say that the subject of poutine and where to find the best version of it in Canada will be a divisive one. What you’ll find here are super original toppings and huge portions, with the dishes keeping the traditional core of the dish at all times. You’ll want to come with a serious appetite because the portions are massive.

Poutine in Canada

7. Sushi – Masaki Saito, Toronto

You’ll be very lucky to get to eat here as the restaurant only seats seven people. Meals also cost an eye watering $380 or $500 but that does feature Michelin-starred sushi chef Masaki Saito cooking for you personally and walking you through his ever-changing seasonal menu. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sushi Canadian Food

8. Coffee and Chocolate – Dineen Coffee, Toronto

A boutique coffee house with three locations in Toronto who serve up some of the best cups of joe in the country. Be sure to throw in a little box of their beautifully hand rolled and wonderfully rich chocolates. This is one of life’s little luxuries you should always afford yourself.

Coffee and Chocolate

9. Double Cheeseburger – Uniburger, Montreal

Uniburger is the top dog when it comes to burgers in Canada as they recently topped our list of the top 50 burgers in Canada, beating off some serious competition. Consistently brilliant; when you throw in one of their famous shakes and those perfect fries you’ll leave a very happy customer.

Double Cheeseburger in Canada

10. Seafood Platter – Coast, Vancouver

Chow down on wonderfully fresh shellfish and seafood piled high on a triple layer platform. It comes with prawns, lobster, crab, oysters and other fresh daily specials, as well as dips and sauces that make this a serious delight of a meal. One for a special celebration.

Seafood Platter Canadian Food

11. Chicken Wings – NextDoor Pub & Grill, Montreal

A proper pub where you can come and watch the games, drink great beer and most importantly have a huge portion of perfect chicken wings. Be prepared to get your hands super messy, as you’ll be licking that wonderful sauce off these divine wings.

Chicken Wings in Canada

12. Brunch – Medina, Vancouver

Put simply, this is one of the best brunches in Canada. They serve it daily (as well as standard breakfast). So many bright, tasty and vivacious dishes to choose from but make sure to look out for their home made waffles which you’ll see everyone eating as soon as you walk in.

Brunch Canadian Food

13. Lobster Rolls – Point Prim Chowder House, Prince Edward Island

This place is only open for three months during the summer, but is an absolute must-visit for the freshest and tastiest lobster rolls in all of Canada. Their daily specials include homemade chowders, fresh local fish & seafood, raw oysters, their famous steamer pots and overstuffed lobster rolls – a PEI tradition!

Lobster Rolls

14. Fried Chicken Sandwich – PG Clucks, Toronto

PG Clucks is a take-out fried chicken shack downtown Toronto, specialising in sandwiches and Nashville style Hot Chicken. Pick up one of their sandwiches and bite into that succulent meat, set off perfectly by the zingy sauce and perfect pickles. A must-try if visiting Toronto.

. Fried Chicken Sandwich

15. Tacos – Tres Carnales Taqueria, Edmonton

This is super authentic Mexican street food with a huge menu of absolute classic dishes. The tacos are the way to go; once you wash them down with one of their delicious house cocktails you might as well be sitting on the beach in Tulum.

Tacos Canadian Food

16. Scallops – Bouillon Bilk, Montreal

Bouillon Bilk is one of the best fine dining restaurants in the whole country, with some wonderful seafood, tasting menus and desserts. If you just try one dish though, make it the scallops with cauliflower, shiitake, pear and beurre noisette. Probably one of the best things you’ll ever eat.

Scallops in America

17. Chicken and Waffles – The Dirty Bird, Toronto

There’s three locations around the city where they serve up chicken that is all hand-reared and coated in their gluten -free flour blend. It’s the perfect mixture of sweet, chewy and crunchy texture that makes this dish divine and one you’ll be coming back for again and again.

Chicken and Waffles in Canada

18. Pork Cheek Pizza – The Good Son, Toronto

This cosy neighbourhood restaurant does a lot of things very, very well, but it’s the pizza that stands out for us. Go for indulgent toppings of Smoked Pork Cheek, Roasted Pineapple and Scotch Bonnet for a real flavour boost.

Pork Cheek Pizza Canadian Food

19. Macaroons – Le Croquembouche Boulangerie, Quebec

A proper French-style boulangerie and patisserie in every sense of the word. Their bread is outstanding as are their cakes, but if you have a sweet tooth and want a major treat then it’s the macaroons you’ll want. Three or four of these colourful bites with a nice tea or coffee is a must.

Macaroons in Canda

20. Dessert Special – Alo, Toronto

Alo is easily one of the best restaurants in the country with their French fine dining cuisine being as good as it gets. Save room for dessert though, because their pastries are outstanding. Case in point? This chocolate, pear & hazelnut ‍number which will melt in your mouth to perfection. ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

Dessert Specia

21. Hot Dogs – Japadog, Vancouver

Japadog started their life as a small food cart but now have shops all over the city, as well as a food truck. Their hot dog toppings are Japanese influenced and there is a little something for everybody. So pretty you nearly don’t want to eat them. Nearly!

Hot Dogs Canadian Food

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