Best Cape Town Coffee

7 Spots In Cape Town For A Great Cup Of Coffee

Cape Town coffee is among the best there is – it’s one of life’s great treats and with so many places to choose from, we wanted to round up the 7 very best in the city.

These are the spots that will never let you down and have a wonderful level of both quality and consistency. All you have to do is make sure you don’t try them all in one day!

The Best Cape Town Coffee

1. Bootlegger Coffee Company

Their stores are as visually appealing as can possibly be. They back up the sleek aesthetics with high quality brews. What more could you want from your local coffee store?

You’ll find them here.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

2. Truth Coffee Roasting

They’ve gained international coverage as one of the best coffee shops in the world. Walking into the building is an experience in itself and each coffee blend is better than the next.

You’ll find them here.

Cape Town Coffee

3. Rosetta

On the go since 2010, this is a brilliant local coffee shop and roastery. You’ll find them in the suburb of Woodstock – their slick shop is design heaven.

You’ll find them here.

Rosetta Cafe

4. Espresso Lab

The passion for great coffee just oozes out of the folk who run this place. They control the entire process of the coffee being made and are great at sharing the story behind the beans on their social media channels.

You’ll find them here.

Espresso Lab Cafe in Cape Town

5. Tribe Coffee Foundry

They focus on having a huge range of coffees from around the world that change often, as they seek out great new experiences for their customers. Their Woodstock cafe is a creative haven.

You’ll find them here.

Tribe Coffee Foundry

6. Been There Coffee Company

A huge focus on fair trade coffee and sourcing their coffee locally to make a difference in their suppliers lives. Friendly, warm and fun place to spend time.

You’ll find them here.

Been There Coffee Company

7. Haas Coffee

Part of a collective that focuses on coffee, art, design and even have their own advertising agency. As you’d expect, their branding and design is absolutely on point but that shouldn’t distract from the incredible coffee they serve up.

You’ll find them here.

Haas Coffee in Cape Town
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