Nebraska Road Trips

The Most Scenic Drives in Nebraska

Nebraska road trips are loaded with natural beauty from the Great Plains to the beautiful rock formations across the state. As you drive through the prairies you will realise that you are in for a very special trip.

With Natural Parks and an abundance of wildlife along the route, there is something magical to see around very bend. You will find yourself quickly falling in love with the state!

So pack up the car, bring your friends or family and get ready for an amazing adventure on one of these stunning Nebraska road trips.

The Best Nebraska Road Trips

1. Sandhills Journey Byway

Incredible natural wonders feature along this rural route, while dunes and the Nebraska National Forest rise from the plains. In spring, migrating sandhill cranes fill the sky. By night, the stars put on an incredible show, so pull over and enjoy a stargazing break once darkness falls.

Distance: 272 miles

Route highlights: Broken Bow, Dunning, Hyannis

When to do it: Summer

Photo Cred: yelssin


2. 385-Gold Rush Highway

At its peak, more than $200,000 worth of gold traveled this historic route every day! Today, the road follows the old trail most of the way and rolls through some of the most spectacular country in Nebraska.

US 385 is considered one of the most scenic and historic roads in the nation, with impressive pine-covered buttes, rolling hills and lush river valleys.

Distance: 131 miles

Route highlights: Chardon State Park, Carhenge, Dobby’s Frontier Town, Pumpkin Creek.

When to do it: September-October

Photo Cred: wyoming_traveler


3. Loup Rivers Byway

150 miles of road run through Wood River to Dunning, with the sweet community town of Ord smack dab in the middle. Ranches along the byway offer wildlife viewing — Prairie Chicken booming is becoming more and more popular — and cowboy vacations. You’ll also get a chance to see beautiful scenic views of green rolling prairie hills and lush river valleys.

Distance: 150 miles

Route highlights: Dannebrog, Sandhills and Calamus River

When to do it: August-October

Photo Cred: colin_lodl


4. Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway

This byway follows in footsteps of the famous explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark embarked on a journey in 1804 that would take them along what is now the eastern border of Nebraska. You’ll see where the expedition unfurled the flag of the United States for the first time west of the Rocky Mountains, as well as spectacular views of the Lemhi Pass, Salmon River, Rocky and Lost River mountain ranges.

Distance: 131 miles

Route highlights: Winnebago Indian Reservation, Fort Atkinson, Boyer Chute National Wildlife

When to do it: Summer

Photo Cred: lizcody1


5. Heritage Highway

Highway 136 (Heritage Highway) is a 238-mile stretch of Nebraska Highway 136 extending from historic Brownville along the banks of the Missouri River westward to Edison. Spanning across 10 counties, this route transports road-trippers to communities where Nebraska history is preserved and well worth exploring.

Distance: 254 miles

Route highlights: Homestead National Monument of America, Starke Round Barn

When to do it: Spring, Summer, and Fall

Photo Cred: 418parks


6. Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway

Take a spin down this road for scenic sights and the history of Native American Tribes, outlaws, cowboys and pioneers. Add stops at Smith Falls State Park and Valentine National Wildlife Refuge—some of Nebraska’s best outdoor playgrounds—for an even wilder Outlaw experience.

Distance: 231 miles

Route highlights: Dryland Aquatics, Turtle Butte, Niobrara, St. James Marketplace

When to do it: May-December

Photo Cred: dean_rowley_712


7. Schramm State Park Tour

Not only does Schramm Park have amazing views of the Platte River Valley,  it’s also known for its excellent fishing and on-site Aquarium, where visitors can get up-close looks at native Nebraska fish, reptiles and amphibians. Drive through the park and hop out for walking trails.

Distance: 15 miles

Route highlights: Schramm State Park, Ak-Sar Ben Aquarium, Platte River

When to do it: Spring, Summer, and Fall

Photo Cred: halarsonwriter


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