Ohio Road Trips

The Most Scenic Drives in Ohio

The North Eastern state is densely populated for its size, but you can quickly escape the cities and drive some epic Ohio road trips. There is a mixture of terrain including flat plains and jagged mountain peaks which all make for great scenery along your route.

The road trips on the list include some majestic falls, lush forests and state parks which all make for ideal places to stop along the way. The state also has rich history and some picture perfect towns to stop for food.

You can choose a short day trip, or build an itinerary over a long weekend that takes in a longer route and which is a proper vacation.

The Best Ohio Road Trips

1. Ohio Waterfalls Road Trip

You might not think of waterfalls when picturing the Buckeye State, but there’s hundreds of beautiful falls to explore, from Dublin to Columbus and beyond. This pre-planned route by Only in Your State maps out a scenic route that includes some of the best waterfalls in Ohio, with viewpoints and hiking trails to enjoy along the way.

Distance: 400 miles

Route highlights: Hayden Falls; Indian Run Falls; West (and East) Falls; Brandywine Falls; Lanterman’s Falls; Upper Falls, Lower Falls, and Cedar Falls.

When to do it: Spring, Summer

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2. Ohio and Lake Erie Canalway

The Ohio & Erie Canalway is a National Heritage Area designated by Congress in 1996 to help preserve and celebrate the rails, trails, landscapes, towns and sites that grew up along the first 110 miles of the canal that helped America grow. You’ll pass through interesting towns, museums and local restaurants as you go.

Distance: 87 miles

Route highlights: Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame; Cleveland Museum of Art; Cuyahoga Valley National Park; Hale Farm and Village

When to do it: Year-round


3. Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

This picture-perfect adventure begins on State Route 374 on US 33 in Rockbridge. The byway is a fantastic way to enjoy southeast Ohio’s spectacular scenery from rolling hills and meadows to small farms and valleys, and it’s particularly pretty in autumn with the fall foliage in full colour.

Distance: 30 miles

Route highlights: Hocking Hills State Park; Rock Cave

When to do it: Year-round

Photo Cred: doug_hirsch_photography


4. Covered Bridge Scenic Byway

Covered bridges …. Ohio once had more of these than any other state: over 2000 of them! You’ll come across four covered bridges on this route. This scenic byway travels across some of Ohio’s most beautiful countryside and many visitors choose to stop along its route, to camp and savour the natural beauty of this area – we suggest you do too!

Distance: 66 miles

Route highlights: Rinard Bridge; Woodsfield; Graysville

When to do it: Spring, Summer, and Fall

Photo Cred: fedorok


5. Amish Country Byway

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in a rich culture, hop on a tour, enjoy a little comfort food or find your bliss away from the everyday, you’ll find what you are looking for on a scenic drive in Ohio’s Amish Country. If you travel the Byway during growing and harvest season, typically from April to November, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Farmer’s Produce Auction.

Distance: 76 miles

Route highlights: Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center; Yoder’s Amish Home.

When to do it: Year-round

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6. Dalzell Road

This road may be short, but it’s a must-drive in Ohio. Dalzell Road is a twisty, winding country road that goes from Whipple to Woodsfield and passes through charming small towns along the route. Admire the countryside scenery as you cruise along and stop off in any of the towns for a relaxing break.

Distance: 32 miles

Route highlights: Stafford; Harrietsville; Lower Salem

When to do it: Spring, Summer, and Fall

Ohio Road Trips

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7. Seneca Lake Loop

Seneca Lake Loop is a beautiful journey around the Seneca Lake area. From boating to fishing to swimming or even ice skating in the winter, there’s always fantastic things to do on this mini Ohio road trip.

Distance: 22 miles

Route highlights: Seneca Lake Park; West Shore Cottage Area; Kennonsburg

When to do it: Year-round

Ohio Road Trips

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