The Best Cardiff pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Cardiff

Cardiff pizza can come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s all delicious, and is a testament to the growing foodie scene in this great city.

From the classic Italian Neapolitan-style pizza to a more creative style, this is a city that will take your breath away when it comes to pizza. There can be few places where the quality is as good as this outside Italy itself.

Grab a friend, work up an appetite and get ready to work your way through the best Cardiff pizza joints…

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1. Dusty Knuckle Pizza

They take their passion for pizza directly from Naple, even spending time there learning and perfecting their craft. You’ll struggle to find a more authentic Italian style pizza anywhere else in the UK.

The dough is absolute perfection with beautiful spongey crusts. Keep the toppings simple because when a pizza is this good you don’t need much added to it.

The 7 best Cardiff pizza joints

2. The Real Italian Pizza Co

With locations in Bath and Cardiff, this is a family run restaurant that serves up some of the tastiest pizza you will ever try.

Their wood-fired oven gives the pizza a wonderfully crispy crust and with the freshest ingredients as toppings this is a winner all day long.

Best Cardiff pizza

3. Da Mara

Da Mara is a traditional Italian restaurant where they do great pasta, meats and pizzas. While the whole menu is delicious, the pizza is the true star of the show.

They serve up pizzas from a wood -fired oven that they built especially from scratch. You’ll want to come with a serious appetite, because the pizzas are so big they cover the plates completely.

The best traditional pizza in Cardiff

4. Ffwrnes Pizza

Since they opened in 2014, their aim has been to combine Italian know-how and the best produce Wales has to offer. To say they are succeeding would be an understatement.

Perfect pizzas with some of the richest tomato sauces and freshest toppings you could ever wish for. A magical Cardiff pizza experience.

5. Calabrisella

A small, unassuming restaurant where they let the food do the talking, with big bold dishes packed full of flavour.

You’ll find lots of classic Italian dishes on the menu but our advice is to focus in on the pizzas. It won’t be a decision you regret.

6. Anatoni’s Traditional Neapolitan Pizzeria

This is a totally authentic Neapolitan pizzeria, where they place a huge emphasis on sourcing and importing the very best ingredients.

Their pizzas are simple but in the best possible way. When they taste this good why would you try and complicate them with needless toppings? A simply wonderful place to eat pizza.

Best pizza cardiff

7. The Cardiff Stable

They combine their love for cider and pizza under one roof to create one of the most exciting and buzzing restaurants in Cardiff.

Their pizzas are thin and crispy and match perfectly with their wide range of ciders. There is something for everybody on this menu; it’s the sort of place you won’t leave in a hurry!

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