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Explore the United States – travel guides, hotel recommendations and the best places to eat and drink. Why visit America? Because you’ll experience the exciting cities of New York and LA, as well as natural scenery.

The 50 Best Burgers In America

The burger is the greatest American sandwich of all. Juicy meat, cheese or plain, pickles or just good ol’ lettuce. Whatever way you have it, there’s nothing more satisfying than a bite into a perfect burger. Considering it’s such an American staple, the Big 7 Travel...

American Craft Brewery

The 50 Best Craft Breweries In America

The growth of craft beer brewing in the last decade across America has been absolutely explosive, with the number of breweries in the US tripling, from just over 2,000 back in 2012 to a point where there are now close to 8,000 today. With consumer tastes changing and people looking for...