Best chicken wings in Europe

The 50 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Europe

We wanted to find the best chicken wings in Europe, so we bravely (and greedily!) set out to find the 50 best spots on the continent that are seriously finger-licking good.

From the BBQ joints to the hot wing specialists, right through to the sports bars serving them with ice cold beer, there is something on this list for everybody.

All you have to do is grab a couple of friends and get ready for a seriously tasty meal. Time to start working your way through the 50 best spots for chicken wings in Europe

The Best Chicken Wings in EuropeHow do these rankings work?

50th. Budapest Barbecue Company – Budapest, Hungary

Feast on a huge range of low and slow cooked meats that are all packed full of flavour. Those include ribs, brisket and pulled pork, but their spicy wings are the star of the show.

You’ll want plenty of napkins as they are a messy-but-delicious eat.

49th. Bird – Stockholm, Sweden

They opened in 2015 and were the first fried chicken restaurant in the capital. Their menu features small plates that are made for sharing and are packed full of flavours.

Their wings are exciting, with unique sauces and toppings that will have you savouring every single bite.

48th. Brewbites – Zagreb, Croatia

Brewbites is a sports bar where they serve up some of the tastiest and most comforting food you could ever wish for. The burgers and ribs are a big hit, but for a real treat focus on the wings.

Crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy and tender on the inside, they go perfectly alongside an ice cold beer.

47th. ChickenBuzz – Berlin, Germany

Head to this super trendy spot in Berlin where they are masters of creating a great vibe and pay homage to all things chicken.

The portions are all bit sized, so you can order several dishes to taste between friends. The perfect communal way to eat and a great place to come for wings before a night out.

46th. Langoše & Krídelká od Irenk – Bratislava, Slovenia

Local style BBQ joint where they are known for both their wings and their ribs which are succulent and which melt in your mouth.

Just as many people get them to takeaway, which makes them the perfect treat after a night out or the next day when you have a hangover. Seriously good comfort food.

45th. Soul Food – Budapest, Hungary

They bring American -style soul food to the heart of Budapest that is so good and so authentic that you could easily be in America. Everything they do is superb.

They do jerk chicken, tasty burgers and seriously good side dishes, but to come here and not have the wings would be a serious travesty.

44th. Way Down South – Oslo, Norway

American style bbq doesn’t get more authentic than this, outside of the USA itself. They cook everything from whole chickens to superb brisket and loaded nachos and fries. In short, it is the sort of place you come to treat yourself.

There’s several different types of wings are on the menu and they are all utterly divine.

43rd. Siipiweikot – Helsinki, Finland

Their winds are classic in style and come coasted in a delicious and rich buffalo sauce and served with classic celery and cheesy dip.

The atmosphere is relaxed and this is the perfect place to come before you head out on a night you. The portions are absolutely massive so do some with an appetite.

42nd. Michael Collins – Brussels, Belgium

As the name suggests, this is an Irish bar in the heart of Brussels, where the food is every bit as good as the atmosphere you typically find in an Irish bar.

They have seriously good comfort food on the menu including the wings which are plump on the inside with seriously juicy meat, yet crispy and perfectly crunchy on the outside. Perfect food to wash down with a couple of cold pints of beer.

41st. Meat Lovers Pub – Vilnius, Lithuania

The name tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this spot. In short, it is a great place to come and drink beer and eat meat; life doesn’t really get much better than that.

The wings come with a hot and spicy homemade sauce and are perfectly trimmed to ensure you are eating nearly all pure tender pieces of chicken.

40th. Brooklyn Restaurant – Warsaw, Poland

As the name suggests, they focus on quality American-style food which is served in a laid back and friendly setting. You’ll find lots of classics on the menu like hot dogs, burgers and some seriously tasty ribs.

The wings themselves are coasted in a sweet yet spicy sauce that you’ll need plenty of napkins to clean up, but which is easily one of the tastiest you will ever try.

39th. Chicko Chicken – Prague, Czech Republic]

Their wings are served in a fast casual style and best enjoyed to takeaway. You can either eat them while walking around this gorgeous city or find a quiet bench to sit and watch the world go by.

There’s lots of different flavours, generous portions and some seriously good sauces to round the meal off.

38th. 420°C – Bucharest, Romania

420°C are a food delivery service that have dishes packed full of flavour. They specialise in sticky BBQ wings, BBQ pork ribs and BBQ turkey popps.

Once you taste one of their dishes just one time you will already quickly be planning your next order from this amazing spot.

37th. Angry Chicken – Berlin, Germany

They serve up chicken wings with various marinades, burgers, bibimbap and other Korean Street food in this hip eatery.

It is all served in a tiny spot in Kreuzberg, which looks like a neon coloured comic. Their wings are quite simply some of the juiciest and tastiest you will ever get your teeth stuck into.

36th. Yard & Coop – Manchester, England

This restaurant focused on taking the chicken eating experience to a whole new level with their inventiveness and super creative menu.

Great tunes, super cocktails and some quality craft beers make this a place where you will quickly become a regular. The chicken itself is the real star of the show and your only problem will be deciding which tasty option to go for. 
35th. Champions Sports Bar – Vienna, Austria

Nothing beats the experience of some cold beer, lots of TVs to watch the sport on and some chicken wings sitting in front of you to devour. Few places in the world do it as well as this bar.

The wings are slightly spicy and come with a super crispy exterior and the classic accompaniments.

34th. Old Wild West – Venice, Italy

The foodie scene in this most beautiful of cities is something special with so much variety. But if you’ve had enough Italian and want some classic American-style then cooking this is the spot for you.

Huge, plump chicken wings are served up in a saloon -style bar where the beers and cocktails are the perfect bedfellow for the tasty food.

33rd. MELT OBERKAMPF – Paris, France

They’ve taken the best of Texas BBQ tradition and married it with the French excellence for cooking and given it a home in a charming corner of Paris.

The menu features all the BBQ classics but the spicy wings are a thing of absolute beauty, which are perfect for sharing with friends.

32nd. The Smoke Haus – Cardiff, Wales

They do big portions and bold favours that’ll make you sigh with enjoyment. You’ll find everything from chicken and waffles to burgers that are absolutely loaded with toppings on the menu.

The wings themselves are done in a super classic style and cooked to perfection. Why overcomplicate something when they taste this perfect?

31st. The Fifties Diner – Lisbon, Portugal

A proper American-style diner that feels like walking back in time straight into the 1950s as soon as you step in the door.

The portions are big, the service is friendly and you will find every single type of treat you could ever wish for on the menu including superb chicken wings. Just make sure to leave some room for dessert…

30th. Smoke Ring – Rome, Italy

A traditional American BBQ smoke house where the serve everything from BBQ sandwiches to meat combo platters and their famous chicken wings.

They place huge emphasis on sourcing the very best ingredients, which is what makes the end product so finger-licking good.

29th. Eat Wings – Antwerp, Belgium

They focus on doing one thing at Eat Wings and doing it perfectly, and that is making chicken wings. Served up with some great “frites” and their delicious homemade sauces, these wings are as good as anything you’ll ever taste.

Order a portion of 12 and you will be in absolute heaven.

28th. Ravintola Hook – Helsinki, Finland

A small cosy restaurant that is dedicated to classic American comfort food, serving it up in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Their wings come with spicy sauce that coats they chicken perfectly, while still maintaining that perfectly crispy and delicious skin.

27th. Chuck Norris Grill – Reykjavík, Iceland

Most people know Chuck Norris Grill for their big fat juicy burgers, but the wings are every bit as good. If you are seriously hungry and want to treat yourself, the wings to start followed by a burger is the ultimate cheat meal.

Throw in a delicious milkshake and there is no way you can’t leave here happy.

26th. The Moose – Paris, France

The Moose combines a sports bar with lots of huge screens to watch the match, along with a quality beer selection and some of the best bar food in the city. Basically, all of the great things in life under one roof.

The wings are crispy, spicy and come served with all the classic sides.

25th. Low & Slow Smokehouse – Stockholm, Sweden

They are all about the low and slow cooking here, and do so having sourced the very best local ingredients. The end result? Amazing meat that is so tender and delicious it nearly melts into your mouth.

Some great dishes on the menu including nice specials, but the wings in here will never let you down.

24th. NOVI Bar – Malta

This restaurant was originally set up by a New Yorker who couldn’t find the perfect burger he wanted on the island.

They serve up a great menu packed full of comfort foods and even have some tasty vegan options. The wings are the star of the show though coming served casually in newspaper and in a variety of delicious flavours.

23rd. Yardbird Southern Fried Chicken – Zurich, Switzerland

The name “Yardbird” comes from a term derived in the deep South, where chickens run freely in your backyard. This spot serves up fried chicken that is every bit as good as any of the originals you will find in America.

Huge portions, perfectly moist wings and some great side dishes make this a seriously enjoyable place to spend time in.

22nd. Wings 4 You – Madrid, Spain

The focus when Wings 4 You opened was on creating the very best wing and beer offering in the city. That means a variety of different sauces and dips when it comes to the food and some great craft beers to pair them up with.

From the moment you walk into this place you simply will fall in love with their offering.

21st. Kura Buffalo Wings – Warsaw, Poland

To say that the portion sizes here are large would be one of the understatements of the year. They prepare everything they serve from scratch, including 30 different sauces and their fries which they cut daily from fresh potatoes.

An ideal place to come with a group of friends for a big celebration meal.

20th. NYC Bar & Grill – Scotland

A seriously appealing menu with fried chicken burgers, grilled sandwiches and some of the very best wings in the country.

Add in a large selection of craft beers that are the perfect match for the wings and lots of TVs to catch the sports on, and this is not a place you will leave in a hurry.

19th. StickyWings – London, England

StickyWings were officially the second best wings in the world at The National Buffalo Wing Festival in New York Sept 2018, which tells you all you need to know. It’s all about that perfectly spicy and succulent sauce that they are smothered in. As close to the perfect bowl of wings as you are ever likely to eat.

18th. Corey’s Soul Chicken – Milan, Italy

A place that is packed full of American comfort food and where you will find such classics as pumpkin pie, burgers and friend chicken.

They coat their wings in a super crispy mixture that gives them a perfect crunch and when paired up with one of the craft beers on offer this is as close to a perfect meal as you will get.

17th. The Dirty Chicken Club – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

They have beer can chicken, rotisserie, cocktails, music and street art all under one roof which makes this a fun and delightful place to spend time in.

Although the beer-can chicken is hard to ignore, the wings are actually in a league of their own, especially when drowned in their house sauces and served with their world class French fries.

16th. Bar-Füd – Prague, Czech Republic

American-style comfort food in the heart of Prague (they actually have three locations) where you will need a serious appetite as the portions are on the large size.

The wings come with sticky sweet glaze that covers the wings to perfection and which will require plenty of napkins and lip licking.

15th. Gracy’s American Diner – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A 1950s style American diner where you can enjoy the tastiest hamburgers, hot dogs and milkshakes, as well as seriously good chicken wings.

The perfect place to bring the family to enjoy some tasty food and great service at affordable prices.

14th. Champions – Frankfurt, Germany

Champions  is your ultimate destination when it comes to cocktails and sports. Enjoy drinks, feast on an all-American menu and watch the big games on some of the largest TVs in town.

They serve cold beer and perfect chicken wings which are covered in melted cheese for that extra bit of luxury. *drools*

13th. BeAbout – Bratislava, Slovakia

They are best known for their burgers, but the BBQ glazed chicken wings which come with onion rings and a BBQ blue cheese sauce are some of the best in the city.

They make the perfect starter to share ahead of a burger, or you could go for a double portion for the main course. Just be sure to order at least one portion to taste some of the best wings in Europe.

12th. Black Tap – Geneva, Switzerland

This is the sort of place you come when you really want to treat yourself and have the ultimate cheat meal. Their burgers, shakes and craft beers have all taken social media by storm, given their huge size and incredible presentation.

The chicken wings shouldn’t be overlooked however, as they are every bit as good as all the other dishes. A triumph of a restaurant.

11th. Mad – Madrid, Spain

Mad is a modern American diner that has three locations in Madrid and who are best known for their burgers and other comfort food.

Their wings are the perfect way to start, and come with either beer BBQ sauce or a classic buffalo sauce. They are perfect washed down with an ice cold beer.

10th. Bonehead – Birmingham, England

A small but absolutely buzzing room where no reservations are accepted, but you can quickly see why people are willing to wait.

Their burgers and wings not only looking absolutely incredible when presented but also taste ever bit as good. Easily some of the best fried chicken in the UK and that’s before you even mention their lovely selection of craft beers.

9th. Elephant & Castle Dublin, Ireland

You’ll find Elephant & Castle in the tourist are of Temple Bar, where the have been serving up a superb menu of American classics for years. The room is always buzzing and while the menu is extensive, people in the know come for the wings and the wings alone.

It’s the perfect place to stop in after a big night on the town the night before. Their wings are so good they can cure any hangover.

Best chicken wings in Europe8th. Alabama Social – Copenhagen, Denmark

Their modern menu is bright and colourful and they do one of the best weekend brunches in the city. You’ll find everything from chicken and waffles to ribs and of course their truly epic wings.

They are super crispy on the outside and come with some seriously tasty sauces and dips that bring the whole meal alive. Make sure to try one of their cocktails too, which are seriously divine.

7th. Cannibale Royale – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Serving finger-licking flavours cooked with absolute finesse, craft beers, and creative cocktails, Cannibale Royale is a must-visit in Amsterdam.

They specialise in burgers, steaks, sticky ribs and most of all their mouth-watering wings. They are classic in style, served with a buffalo sauce and a blue cheese dip. You will be in absolute heaven.

6th. CocoVail Beer Hall Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

CocoVail was born in August 2016 as a “beach culture” Americana Beer Hall. It’s all about the atmosphere here, which is so inviting and charming that you can’t help but stay for hours – especially when in good company.

The food is perfectly paired to match the beers. Our tip? The chicken wings which are plump and delicious should be your first port of call.

5th. Poule & Poulette – Brussels, Belgium

Everything they do is centred around cooking up chicken at world-class standards. That could be one of their whole chickens which you can share at the table or a portion of wings.

The big advantage they have is their Belgian “frites” which are crispy and delicious and the huge range of the famous Belgian beers to wash everything down with.

4th. Frog Revolution – Paris, France

Located on the historic site of the place de la Bastille, in the heart of a neighbourhood known for the vibrant nightlife. Part pub, part lounge this is the perfect place to start a night out as they have 24 beers on tab and some great food on the menu. BBQ is the theme and the wings top the list of great meats you can have here.

3rd. 1516 Brewing Company – Vienna, Austria

They brew their own brews ales and beers from malted barley and serve them up to passionate beer lovers from near and far.

Coming here is a real experience for beer-lovers, and if you add in some of their food you are in for a special treat. The wings are massive in size and coated with a buffalo sauce that the staff will help you pair up with one of their beers.

2nd. Juleps – Munich, Germany

This bar has been modelled on 1920s prohibition America in a speakeasy style and it is a wonderful place to spend time. As well as some great cocktails made by seriously knowledgeable staff, their food offering is something quite special.

The wings are fried until perfectly crispy and then tossed in their delicious sweet and spicy sauce to perfection.

1. Randy’s Wing Bar – London, England

With two locations in the city, this is the place to come to if you want lots of exciting choice and plenty of different flavours. Their passion for what they do along with their wonderful service makes this a wonderful place to spend some time. Be warned though: once you taste them you will be hooked for life.

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