Chicken Wings In Florida

The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Florida

The Sunshine State has a lot going for it when it comes to cuisine: key lime pie, flavoursome Cubano sandwiches, trendy Miami restaurants and beachside Florida Keys seafood shacks. So it makes sense that when it comes to chicken wings in Florida, they’re as good as it gets.

Here’s our picks of the best wing spots across the state.

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1. House Of Wings – Miami

Chicken wing lovers rejoice! This is a house full of chicken wings. Fried up to just the right amount crispy and served with special sauces and dippings, this restaurant gives you a lot of different wing-deals to choose from. Families with children of all ages have a blast eating their delicious wings. 

2. Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue – Miami

The chefs here at Sparky’s “get” BBQ. Sandwiches, wings, nuggets, fried chicken and fish – they have them all. Sparky’s special BBQ sauce makes sure you enjoy your meat with a sauce that compliments it. Side orders include macaroni and cheese, collard greens and much more!

Miami Chicken Wings

3. Greg’s Place Wings – Orlando

A restaurant is a fun place for families. Greg’s Place Wings offers you a menu with wings fried with over 25 flavors! Burgers, fries, drinks, and even steaks – they have a little bit of everything for everyone. Visit them in Orlando to get tasty, crispy wings served hot with their special sauce.

Greg's Place Wings in Orlando

4. Wings Plus – Fort Lauderdale

Wings Plus serves more than wings! Not only do they have wings of every flavor, they also serve delicious salads, noodles, shrimps, and steaks. With a diverse menu and a great restaurant ambiance, Wings Plus is a great place if you’re looking to meet up with some friends or colleagues for a bite.

5. Tikanis – St. Petersburg

Pizza, wings, and beer – Tikanis is the place to be if you’re looking to catch the Monday game with your pals over a couple of drinks and some delicious wings. People say it’s a hidden gem in St. Petersburg. You should try it out if you want to spend time with friends eating delicious wings and pizza.

6. Josie’s Pizza & Wings – Orlando

This place makes one of the most delicious pizzas and wings in all of Orlando. They design an entire experience around their meals and make sure you remember every bite! They serve salads, wings, pizzas and even have a special design-your-own-meal option where they let you get creative with food, so you don’t have to be restricted to their menu – you can just mix things up!

Josie's Pizza & Wings in Orlando

7. Batch Gastropub – Miami 

Exquisite design, excellent food, and grand experience. Batch Gastropub is the place to be if you want to impress people. The pub offers a different menu for each time of the day. The pub has everything from wings and fish to baked-eggs to tuna and salmon. Their delicious wine and beverages make sure everyone has a blast visiting them.

Batch Gastropub wings

8. Wing Palace – Jacksonville

These people are probably the best in Jacksonville! Their mouthwatering chicken-wings are spicy and crispy and come in different flavors. Chicken lovers are their primary customers and satisfying their customers is their main goal.

Served with their special sauces and dippings, you can get pretty much any chicken wing deal at their place and have a great time!

Best Chicken Wings in Jacksonville Florida

9. The WingHouse of Lakeland – Lakeland

Simply exquisite! The WingHouse is famous for its crispy wings and delicious burgers that you can enjoy at lunch and dinner. Served with chilies and hot sauces, having a meal at this restaurant is an experience on its own. They have beer and fries of all flavors that you can choose to your own liking.

10. Wings N Things – Pompano Beach

Wings for every mood! The restaurant offers a variety of wings and ribs for meat lovers. Their wings are cooked and spiced up to your liking. Wings and Things allows you to order a mixture of wings and ribs so you don’t have to choose! Make sure to try their specials as well – they have several different flavors in their kitchen.

11. Wilton Wings – Fort Lauderdale

The folks here at Wilton Wings have got it all! From starters like corn sticks and onion rings to crispy fried chicken wings and fingers to delicious wines and beers. They serve their wings and ribs hot and fresh so you enjoy your meal and have a quality time with your friends and family.

12. Trap House Chicken – Jacksonville

Chicken, chicken, chicken! The restaurant has a whole variety of chicken wings including T.H.C wings, Hot Boy Wangs and Hennessey Wings. Trap House Chicken will trap you in their delicious meals and make you never want to leave by giving you the finest fried chicken Jacksonville has to offer.

Best Jacksonville Florida Chicken Wings

13. O’Town Burgers N Wings – Orlando

The restaurant offers great burgers, kebabs, and wings. They have boneless and classic wings and a range of options for dippings and sauces. Served in different amounts, it’s a nice place to have lunch or dinner with family or friends.

O’Town also has some tasty burgers on their menu. Their specialties include rice platters which can be ordered alongside your main course.

14. Black Market – Miami

If you’re looking for a place in Miami to watch the game with your friends, drink a couple of beers and have some really, really good chicken wings, then Black Market is your place. They also have $5 Wednesdays along with other special deals that you can check and order.

Black Market Chicken Wings

15. Munchies 420 Cafe – Sarasota

The cafe offers arcade games and has a bar that serves cold beers and shots! It offers a pretty good deal on delicious chicken wings and burgers which are always served crispy and fresh. The sandwiches are fat, juicy and really take care of your hunger if you’re looking for a quick bite.

16. Buffalo Wings & Rings – North Port

Temptation awaits at this restaurant! The joint offers a great variety of chicken wings served with their special dipping sauce. These include traditional, tenders, boneless, roasted garlic and BBQ-flavored ones.

Buffalo Wings & Rings also has a great menu for salads, soups, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. Their quesadillas are a must-try for those that want to have something different.

17. Chumlee’s Wings – Ellenton

Hot, hot and hot! Chumlee’s Wings is a place where every chicken lover would want to go. The wings are cooked up in different spices to deliver you the best taste. Their wings are famous for their spiciness Served with cheese and their own special sauces and dippings. The only mistake you can make is ordering small because you’re going to be wanting more!

18. J Town Wings & Philly – Jacksonville

The wings, the wings, the wings… This restaurant is famous for frying wings to the point where they taste exactly right. The joint has a variety of spice options to choose from in their wings menu. You can even try their delicious burgers and shrimp if you want to mix things up a little.

Chicken Wings In Florida

19. Origin Craft Beer & Pizza Cafe – Sarasota

This cafe has a lot to offer. Beer, pizza, wings, burgers, and rolls – a lot! The cafe has its unique way of frying chicken wings and serving them fresh and hot for its customers. They serve them with BBQ sauce so you can make things as hot and spicy as you can handle.

Chicken Wings In Florida

20. Wing King of Fletcher – Tampa

These guys really are kings of wings. They have several different sauces to eat your wings with and offer sandwiches and salads to make a complete fulfilling meal! The restaurant offers boneless wings, blue cheese, and ranch wings. You can also custom order extra wing sauce to make things special.

Chicken Wings In Florida

21. Hattricks – Tampa

The bar offers all the things you need to have a blast with your pals. Wings, beers, shots and a great screen to watch the game. The Hattricks bar is famous for being the hangout joint in Tampa. Apart from the great food and ambiance, it has great service that you should definitely checkout.

Chicken Wings In Florida

22. Caroline’s Cafe – Key West

This friendly cafe has an amazing menu that offers salads, wings, rolls, shrimp, and quesadillas. Caroline’s Cafe fries its wings with its own special spicy herbal sauce that gives them a unique taste. The cafe has a lot of traction in Key West and its wings are a must-try! Suitable for families and friends, it is a great place for casual dining.

Chicken Wings In Florida

23. R&R World Famous BBQ – Fort Lauderdale

R&R offers one of the best BBQ meals in town. The restaurant is famous for its crispy fried wings and has made a considerable reputation for its delicious cakes! If you’re looking to have a unique order of hot wings and a delicious dessert afterwards, then R&R World Famous BBQ is the place to be.

Chicken Wings In Florida

24. Bethune Grill – Daytona Beach

These guys know how to grill! The restaurant has a variety of different things on its menu including wings, pork chops, dinners, and rolls.They also serve chicken and shrimp combos which can be ordered alongside any other order of chicken wings. The food is served hot and fresh and the restaurant is a great place to spend time with family and friends.

Chicken Wings In Florida

25. Papa Bees – Longwood

Probably the best wings in town. Papa Bees is known for its unique variety of sauces that can be added to any order of chicken wings. Garlic, teriyaki, spicy teriyaki, and lemon pepper are some of the many special sauces that the restaurant has to offer with its crispy fried chicken wings. Papa Bees offers an entire dining experience around chicken, beef, and desserts.

Chicken Wings In Florida

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