The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Texas

Texas BBQ is easily some of the best in the country, if not the entire world. And, while most people head to this Southern state for the BBQ brisket, pulled pork and even steak, there’s something pretty tempting about the chicken wings in Texas, too.

Whether it’s the fact that folks here just know how to smoke meat or it’s the delightfully tasty array of sauces they’ll serve with the wings, it’s hard to tell what makes them so great. But, one thing’s for sure…they’re so good.

From Dallas all the way down to Houston and back on over to El Paso, we’ve rounded up 25 of the best spots for chicken wings in Texas while understanding that there are countless more places all over the state grilling up some mean wings, too.

Best Chicken Wings In TexasHow do these rankings work?

1. The Hay Merchant – Houston

The Hay Merchant is a special spot. Not only is it one of the best craft beer bars in all of the United States, but they also specialise in serving up some seriously tasty bar eats. And, while everything here is tasty, you’re going to want to start off with their chicken wings. Their six sauce options include Caramelized Fish Sauce, PB&J, Stout BBQ Sauce, Classic, Gochujang, and Auntie’s Masala.

Best Chicken Wings In Houston

2. Wayne’s Wings – San Antonio

After just one bite it’s easy to see why so many people love Wayne’s Wings. Honestly, there’s a lot to love. But, it all starts with the fact that they let you choose your flavour per five wings. And, they give you lots and lots of choices. Love wet, sloppy sauces? Sample something like the Spicy Curry or Buffalo Ranch. Into more dry rub flavours? The Caribbean Jerk is pretty great. Try it all or risk feeling serious FOMO.

Texas Chicken Wings

3. Track One – El Paso

Track One recently had a makeover, which means they’re back and better than ever before. Despite the new digs, they’re still serving all of the same fine flavours as before. It’s not like the wings needed a makeover anyway, they’re already some of the best in Texas. Definitely try the Double Dip flavour. It’s a combination of hot sauce and pure honey for an extra messy meal. You’ll be ordering seconds for sure.

El Paso Chicken Wings

4. Duff’s Famous Wings – Southlake

The wings at Duff’s truly are famous and it’s in part because they’re just so massive. They serve up jumbo chicken wings that’ll fill you up long before you can even order seconds. They’ve got nearly 20 sauces to choose from, ranging from traditional BBQ all the way to something they like to call Death and Afterlife. Adventurous eaters should try the Afterlife sauce at least once in their life. If it kills you at least it’ll take you straight to foodie heaven.

Texas Chicken Wings

5. Buffalo Bros. – Fort Worth

Buffalo Bros. is one of the best spots to enjoy a tasty brew accompanied by some world-class wings, especially if you’re in town on game day. Their wings are fired to a light crisp, meaning they’re not covered in that heavy breading some places make you bite into. Then, they’re tossed in a sauce that’s perfectly spicy enough to cover the tender chicken. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect Texas chicken wing.

Fort Worth Chicken Wings

6. Komé – Austin

You’d imagine that with all the BBQ options in Texas, the best wings would be of that variety. However, Austin serves up some tasty chicken wings in one of its hottest sushi restaurants. Komé is well-known as being a sushi hotspot in this foodie city. But, whatever you do, make sure to try at least one variety of their wings as they will absolutely blow your mind. They’re crispy yet tender and juicy.

Best Chicken Wings In Austin

7. Mike’s Chicken – Dallas

Even though Mike’s Chicken is a pretty well-known go-to spot for anything related to fried chicken, they also whip up some mighty wings as well. Their chicken wings strike the perfect balance between crispy skin and succulent meat. So, you get a real crunch in every bite before letting that flavourful sauce hit your tastebuds. It all adds a delightful amount of flavour to an already tasty wing.

Best Chicken Wings In Dallas

8. Wings ‘N More – College Station

Wings ‘N More is one of the go-to spots when local college students are craving chicken wings. Located near the Texas A&M campus, this hotspot serves up some seriously tasty wings. And, they offer quite the variety. Choose from buffalo or boneless and then select your favourite sauce. In the mood for something more local? Try their hand-breaded Texas tenders dipped in your choice of wing sauce. It’s delicious.

9. Hub City Wings – Lubbock

From bone-in wings to boneless wings, this Lubbock locale has got you covered. Craving full flavours and lots of ’em? This is the spot for you. Their wings are seriously saucy, which means you’ll be left licking your fingers clean at the end of a seriously savoury meal. Feeling like something a little crispier? Their chicken tenders are just as juicy and tender. Get them with fries and enjoy a full meal.

10. Brew Sports Pub West – El Paso

There’s nothing to desire at Brew Sports Pub West; they take care of every single detail for you. A refreshing covered patio, lots of pool tables, big-screen TVs and fantastic food…what more could you want? Oh right, the wings! Order ’em breaded or naked and then ask them to slather on your choice of sauce. BBQ Mandarian Chipotle, XXX Fire, and Honey are all favourites.

Best Texas Chicken Wings

11. Green Mesquite BBQ – Austin

Green Mesquite BBQ serves up easily some of the juiciest and most flavourful wings in Texas. The secret to success? First, they smoke the wings. Then, they drizzle, douse, and drench them in sauce one by one. This means that each wing is absolutely overflowing with flavour and enough sauce to get your entire face and hands all messy. Stop by after 4 pm on a weekday and you’ll snag wings for just 75 cents apiece.

Austin Chicken Wings

12. WingIT – San Antonio

Serving up large, tasty, and saucy wings, WingIT is home to some of the city’s finest comfort foods. Along with serving up large chicken wings, they’ve also got great hot fries and fried pickles to enjoy. But, you’ve got so much choice in terms of chicken wings that you won’t need to order anything else. Favourite flavours include Honey BBQ, Pineapple Mango, Garlic Parmesan, and many more.

San Antonio chicken Wings

13. Chi’lantro – Austin

Chi’lantro first started out as a food truck. Now, they’re serving their world-famous Kimchi fries and Korean fried chicken wings in a brick-and-mortar store in Austin. And, sure, the Kimchi fries truly are to die for. But, we’re here for the unique Gangnam Sauce, Honey Butter, and Rooster Sauces. It’s the unique flavours they offer that make this one of the best spots in Texas for chicken wings.

Best Chicken Wings In Austin

14. Ten Bells Tavern – Dallas

The secret to the success at Ten Bells Tavern, at least when it comes to the chicken wings, lies in the fact that they use Franks Hot Sauce to start things off right. After dousing their wings in the sauce, they add a savoury blue cheese drizzle for flavour and added texture. The unique combination of sauce, drizzle and pure tender chicken all works together to make these some of the best Texas chicken wings you’ll ever try.

Dallas Chicken Wings

15. Dos Amigos – Odessa

First and foremost, Dos Amigos is the spot to be if you’re interested in enjoying live music in Odessa. This bar and music venue regularly hosts some of the hottest acts in town. And, while that’s definitely impressive, their chicken wings are just as impressive. They’re West Texas wings done up to damn near perfection. And, they pair perfectly with some live music and a few ice-cold beers. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Best Chicken Wings In Texas

16. Anchor Bar – San Antonio

This San Antonio bar is home to the “original chicken wing.” Whether that’s true or not, one thing’s clear…they deliver lots of fantastic flavours. What’s more, however, is that they sell their own wing sauces so you can take them home and enjoy them whenever you want. They go all the way from Mild, Barbeque and Medium to Hotter and Suicidal. If you love spicy sauces, you can’t go wrong with the Suicidal.

Best Wings in San Antonio Texas

17. Zombiez Bar & Grill – Amarillo

If you happen to find yourself in Amarillo, Zombiez Bar & Grill is the kind of place where you’d head to hang out with friends or to meet new ones. It’s a fun local bar with lots of life spilling out of it. And, after downing a few beers with the friends you’ve just made, you’re going to want to devour their tasty chicken wings. Try their Zombie-Q for a scrumptious BBQ flavour that’ll leave you craving more and more.

Best Texas Chicken Wings

18. Bonfire Wings – Houston

Louisiana flavour hits hard at this Houston hotspot. Bonfire Wings is home to some of the best chicken wings in the state, even though they’re full of Louisiana flavour. Using unique Creole and Cajun cultures, they craft over ten tantalising sauces to choose from. The Bonfire Fried is a nice place to start for newbies, but honestly, anything you order here is going to truly blow you away. You’ll be getting seconds for sure.

Best Chicken Wings In Houston

19. Wing Daddy’s Sauce House – Laredo

With a name like Wing Daddy’s Sauce House, you pretty much know what you’re getting yourself into when you head out for lunch or dinner here. While they do serve some great baby back ribs and over-the-top burgers, their wings are the real showstoppers here. From Sticky Honey Soy straight on through to their Pecker Wrecker and Cherry Chipotle BBQ, it’s all so creative and flavourful.

Texas Chicken Wings

20. The Wing Barn – Brownsville

The Wing Barn claims to be home to “dang good food.” That’s just a very Texas and very modest way to say that they serve up some of the best bar bites in the city. And, when it comes to their wings, they certainly don’t mess around. They make their sauces from scratch and boy do they make lots of them! Choose from a Cilantro Lime Rub or Orange Chipotle or even the hottest of hots, their Spooky Ghost Sauce. It’s honestly all so flavourful and tasty.

Best Texas Chicken Wings

21. Callum’s Attagirl – San Antonio

As one of the coolest bars in San Antonio, visiting Callum’s Attagirl is a great idea whether you’re interested in sampling the wings or not. But, trust us, you’re going to want to sample the wings. Their brunches are famous for them, the Southern Fried wings, we mean. It’s because they serve them with coleslaw and sweet potato hash then drizzle them with a sweet sauce too. It’s an all-around filling meal.

Best Texas Chicken Wings

22. STUFF’d Wings – Houston

Okay, so you’ve got your standard Texas chicken wings. Then, you’ve got wings. We’re talking about the new-age, modern take on a classic wing. And, that’s exactly what STUFF’d Wings is serving up. They take tasty wings and stuff them full of other flavours. Stuffings range from Mac n Cheese to Seafood, Pork, and more. Then, they deep fry them to a golden crisp. They’re as mouthwatering as they sound.

Stuffed Chicken Wings Houston

23. Corky’s Bar & Grill – Odessa

Corky’s is a great place to go and have a good time. Load up on ice-cold Budweiser or Shiner Bock and then let your hunger guide you towards their seriously tasty menu. Load up on fantastic bar fare, which ranges from mozzarella sticks and nachos straight on through to their famous boneless wings. They’re slightly spicy, which adds just enough flavour to leave you craving a whole basket more.

Best Texas Chicken Wings

24. KEEKS Eggrolls & Wings – Keller

You’d be surprised at just how many great restaurants you can find in this part of DFW. But, when it comes to Texas chicken wings, no place does them up quite like KEEKS. They’ve got a variety of homegrown flavours to satisfy your hunger. From bone-in to boneless wings and even straight on through to naked wings, they’ll definitely cater to even the pickiest of tastes.

Best Texas Chicken Wings

25. Cowboys Chicken N More – Corpus Christi

You’ve gotta love a Texas spot named Cowboys Chicken N More. Really, what more do you need out of a foodie visit to this fantastic state than some cowboys and chicken wings? Not much. And, especially when we’re talking about these wings. They’re so saucy that you’ll be licking your own fingers down to the bone just trying to get the last bit of flavour off. Tender and messy? Yep, just like they should be.

Best Texas Chicken Wings

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