Best Chicken Wings In The Bay Area

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In The Bay Area

Chicken wings are one of America’s tastiest foodie treats. They’re so simple yet so bursting with flavour. And, at the best places for chicken wings in the Bay Area, you’ll find that they serve ‘em up in so many different delectable flavours.

Craving a lemon pepper dry rub or are you in the mood for some super saucy BBQ wings? They’ve got them all and more. From mild and dry to hot as well and absolutely dripping with sauce, these are the kind of chicken wings you dream about after you’re done.

Drooling yet? We thought so. We won’t tease you any longer. These are our picks for seven of the best places for chicken wings in the Bay Area. Try them all; you won’t regret it.

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1. Oriental BBQ Chicken Town – Oakland

In love with spicy sauces? Oriental BBQ Chicken Town specialises in some delicious spicy chicken wings. And, even though they’re dripping with sauce and flavours, you’ll find that they’re still incredibly crispy on the inside. Bite into a wing and let the sauce run down your fingers just to make for a delectable final finger-lickin’ good ending.

Best Chicken Wings In The Bay Area

2. Hot Sauce and Panko To Go – San Francisco

For being one of the best places for chicken wings in the Bay Area, you’ll find that Hot Sauce and Panko To Go is one of the most budget-friendly wing spots in the city. And, not only that, but they’re also the absolute best spot if you’re after some variety. With over 300 different sauces to choose from, the only bad thing about these wings is deciding which to order first, honestly. Start off with something spicy, then sample something savoury. They’re all so mouthwatering.

Bay Area Chicken Wings 2020

3. Jupiter – Berkeley

Jupiter is well-known as one of the best spots for pizza and beer in the Bay Area. Aside from serving up tasty brews and quality vibes, however, you’ll find that their chicken wings are out of this world, too. Order the Petaluma Wings to truly tantalise your tastebuds. They marinate them in garlic and soy sauces. Then, you can choose to have them dipped in Original, BBQ or Chipotle Honey sauce. They seem simple, but they’re loaded with flavour.

Best Chicken Wings In The Bay Area

4. Jake’s of Willow Glen – San Jose

If you go to Jake’s of Willow Glen then you’ll undoubtedly feel tempted to indulge in their world-famous pizza and beer offerings. It’s a fantastic spot for a cold one in the Bay Area, serving up local vibes and brews alike. However, they’ve also got some of the best chicken wings in the Bay Area. They’re perfectly tender and, when paired with their iconic curly fries, you simply can’t beat the unique fusion of flavours.

5. Giordano Bros. – San Francisco

If you’re a fan of craft beer and chicken wings then there’s really no better place in the Bay Area for you than Giordano Bros. This gastropub of sorts serves up some insanely unique craft cocktails and pints, flights and pitchers of some of the country’s best craft brews. Pair them all with their tantalising chicken wings, which come with Buffalo or BBQ sauce. The choice is simple here because both flavours are so refined that you don’t need any other options.

Best Chicken Wings In The Bay Area

6. Kezar Pub – San Francisco

This local pub is a great spot to check out if you’re travelling to the Bay Area and you’re interested in immersing yourself in the local culture. From the decor to the pub fare, this is Bay Area’s bar eats at they’re very finest. And, the chicken wings are the absolute best of the best. They’re crunchy and crispy but loaded up with just enough chicken to balance out the flavours of the sauce. In short, they’re damn near perfect.

7. SmokeEaters – San Jose

And, finally, last but absolutely not least, we have SmokeEaters. Literally no local will deny that they’re one of the best places for world-class wings in the Bay Area. First, you start off by choosing how many wings you want from 5 to 25. They’re all huge and juicy with 13 of their “winger” sauces you can douse them in. Get them mild or inferno-style hot and relish in the fantastic made from scratch flavours of them all.

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