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The 7 Best Pizzas In Christchurch

The foodie scene in this city is second to none and the pizza in Christchurch is among the best in the country. So, like any sane food lover would, we set out to find the very best places to eat pizza in the city.

From classic Italian pizza to the thin and crispy American style right through to a simple slice on the go, there is something here for everybody.

So forget about the diet, grab a friend and get ready to work your way through the very best Christchurch pizza spots.

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1. Formaggio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

Formaggio’s is an Italian-style neighbourhood restaurant; cooking up authentic thin crust pizzas in Christchurch that taste as good as they look. Choose from 13 sinfully good pies (including one calzone) with gourmet toppings such as smoked salmon or black truffle oil-crème fraiche.

2. Alligator Pizza

Alligator Pizza is a teenchy-tiny one man shop that makes Neo-Neapolitan/New York style pizza from mostly local and Italian ingredients. That means their pizzas are made with Italian flour but then mixed to a New York Style dough recipe. The end result? An absolute masterpiece with wonderful spongey crusts and a light and fluffy interior.

3. Tutto Bene Restaurant & Pizzeria

Tutto Bene has been serving classic Italian food in the Merivale ‘hood for more than 20 years, and that tells you everything you need to know about their quality.

The pizza bases are thing and crispy and come with a large selection of delicious toppings. There are lot of other great items on the menu, but it is hard to look past the pizza.

4. Sal’s Authentic NY Pizza

A true institution all over New Zealand, serving up what has to be the best New York style pizza outside of New York itself. It was started by two long time friends over 15 years ago and is still going from strength to strength. The key is in their incredible consistency. You’ll never get a bad slice here.

Christchurch pizza

5. HELL Pizza

HELL Pizza is well, pretty damn heavenly. You’ll find this spot all across NZ, serving up delicious and creative pizzas with toppings such as cajun chicken, apricot sauce, or triple smoked ham. You can choose from a thin stretched base for extra crispiness, or hand stretched classic dough.

There’s also plenty of vegan options with dairy free cheese at no extra cost.

6. Winnie Bagoes City

Winnie Bagoes prides itself on its very special Kiwi Pizza – a deep base infused with herbs and generously topped with local and artisan ingredients. There’s a seriously impressive range of pies here: 13 traditional pizzas and 23 gourmet-styles. Think: roast lamb with mint, mustard and honey.

Christchurch pizza

7. BASE Woodfired Pizza

BASE has some super exciting topping combinations and even a vegan pizza which will appeal to many. Their food truck is the ultimate treat for private parties and weddings for pizza lovers to experience something truly special.

Christchurch pizza

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