cities with best nightlife in canada

7 Cities with the Best Nightlife in Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and its nightlife scene is as diverse as its landscapes. Six of Canada’s major cities have a population of over 1 million people and are home to some of the country’s best after-dark venues and activities. Those cities are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa–Gatineau. But no matter where you go, even the smaller, more remote places, you’ll find somewhere to have a great night out. Ready to explore the nocturnal scene of the Great White North? Here are some of our favourite cities with the best nightlife in Canada.

7 Cities with the Best Nightlife in Canada

1. Toronto, Ontario

Canada’s largest city has some of the best nightlife in the country. With its cool neighbourhoods and diverse cultures, the nightlife here is vibrant and eclectic. Some of our favourite party places include Queen West, with its many locally-owned bars and clubs. King West is another fun spot for nightlife in Toronto with its myriad of bars, clubs, lounges, pubs, and speakeasies. Church and Wellesley is where you’ll find plenty of LGBTQ+ venues.

cities with best nightlife in canada

2. Montreal, Québec

Montreal has something for everyone, from budget backpacker bars to luxe lounges.  Rue St. Jacques is one of the most popular areas for a night out in Montreal. You’ll find bars, clubs, restaurants, and pubs aplenty. The main artery of Montreal’s nightlife is Rue Crescent and Boulevard St. Laurent. This is where you’ll find the late-night party spots. The Village is Montreal’s wonderful LGBTQ+ enclave. This pedestrian-only zone is super fun and friendly and great for a night out, no matter your sexual orientation.

3. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a great city for nightlife, especially if you want drinks with a pretty backdrop of twinkling lights. You’ll find it along the harbour, where many like to start their night out. Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood and the perfect place for a night of bar hopping. It has a lively atmosphere and a great selection of cocktail lounges, Irish pubs, beer halls, wine bars, and more. For late-night clubbing, make your way to Granville Street.

best nightlife in canada

4. Calgary, Alberta

Alberta’s largest city is a happening hotspot for nightlife. International Avenue is the hub of Calgary’s nightlife scene and a great place to start your night out. It is home to some great bars. You’ll also find a good range of clubs, pubs and bars along 17th Avenue Street. This is also a great street to find a bar playing country music. Don’t forget your cowboy hat! YeeHaw!

5. Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is a laid-back city with bustling and exciting nightlife. There are lots of high-energy bars as well as more relaxed venues. You’ll also find some cool clubs hosting international DJs and performers where you can dance the night away. For a great selection of bars and lounges to suit all tastes, make your way along the historic 4th Street Promenade. You’ll find popular spots such as Kelly’s Pub, Tzin, and Cask & Barrel here.

6. Ottawa–Gatineau

Across the Ottawa River from each other, Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec, form Canada’s capital region. On the Ottawa side, the following areas and streets are chockablock with bars: ByWard Market/Lowertown, Elgin Street, Glebe and Ottawa South. Over in Gatineau, one of the most popular nightlife areas is Downtown Gatineau. If you are a fan of breweries, head to the Laval-Aubry-Kent and Brewery Creek districts.

cities with best nightlife in canada

7. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland, and the Celtic spirit runs deep here. And, as you know, the Celts love a good party. The distinctive Scottish flair has led to many great pubs, taverns, and a handful of clubs. Downtown is the main nightlife area in Halifax, especially along Argyle Street, where lively bars, pubs, and live music venues exist. The warm and welcoming locals are the best thing about a night in Halifax.

best nightlife in canada

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