The 7 Best Places For Brussels Coffee

The 7 Best Places For Coffee In Brussels

The Brussels coffee scene has been improving drastically in the last couple of years, to a point where you’ll get actually find of the very best coffee in Europe here.

From standard black Americanos to hip cold brews and frappes, we have you covered with the best places to get your caffeine fix in the Belgian capital…

1. Brussels Parlor Coffee Roasters

You’ll find this coffee store in the Saint-Gilles area of Brussels – these guys really are setting the tempo when it comes to raising the bar for coffee in the city. You’ll find them here.

Brussels Parlor Coffee Roasters

2. Fika Coffee

A lovely Swedish coffee shop. You’ll struggle to find a seat in the narrow space, but the coffee is just as good to go, or there is a perfect bench outside for watching the world go by. You’ll find them here.

Brussels Coffee

3. Forcado Pastelaria

Brilliant coffee here that comes with Portuguese passion flowing through everything. You simply have to have one of their little custard cream cakes on the side.  You’ll find them here.

Forcado Pastelaria Cafe

4. OR Coffee

They roast their own coffee, are distributors and even have a school teaching baristas. Safe to say that they know what they are talking about and serve some of the best Brussels coffee. You’ll find them here.

OR Coffee

5. My Little Cup

This corner cafe with its huge floor to ceiling windows is the perfect place to have one of their delicious brews and watch the city go by. You’ll find them here.

My Little Cup Cafe

6. Mok Coffee

They have outlets in both Brussels and Leuven and they source and roast all their coffee to ensure the highest standards. You’ll find them here.

Mok Coffee in Brussels

7. Aksum Coffee

A focus on Ethiopian beans with a general African vibe and decor bringsna great buzz to this lively spot in the Galerie Du Roi. You’ll find them here.

Aksum Coffee
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