The 7 Best Paris Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Paris

One of the first things that many travelers look for when arriving in a new city is a really great cup of coffee. Gotta get over that jetlag somehow, right? As a Third Wave of coffee sweeps around the world, the quality – and quantity – of great coffee shops only rises.

We’ve rounded up the very best of Paris coffee shops so that you can easily make your way around this great city, stopping in these wonderful establishments for your coffee hits along the way…

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1. The Caféothèque of Paris

This is a real coffee institution, where not only do they serve up some of the best brews in the city, they even have their own school where they pass on their knowledge. They also package up and sell some of their beans from around the world, which change on a regular basis.

The Caféothèque of Paris

2. Fringe

This is one artsy Parisian cafe, where artists are invited to showcase their work and paint on the walls of this chic joint (as per owner’s request). They feature a range of speciality Parisian roasters and is the perfect spot to adore some nice art!

fringe coffee shop paris

3. Télescope Café

A wonderfully stylish and well designed cafe that serves up some of the very best coffee in the city. The staff are charming, the pastries always fresh and if you manage to grab the table outside in summer you’ll be in absolute heaven.

Télescope Café

4. Holybelly 

Holybelly focuses on three key elements which are great food, great service and lastly and most importantly great coffee. This is one of those places that as soon as you discover it you’ll keep on coming back and never want to leave. There’s several locations around the city, so you’ve no excuse not to visit.

Holybelly Coffee in Paris

5. KB CaféShop

KB CafeShop roasts their own coffee and puts a huge amount of effort into sourcing the best beans from around the world. Throw in one of the best locations in the city for people watching and this spot is an absolute gem.

KB CaféShop

6. Matamata Coffee

With a location at Montorgueil and one at Louvre this is a wildly popular spot that does amazing coffee and brunch. Their staff are hugely knowledgeable and always have time to talk you through the best brews they have.

Matamata Coffee

7. Lomi

The shop itself is only the front end of what is a huge process of sourcing the very best beans, roasting them and teaching the next wave of baristas from around the world. Lomi are true coffee lovers and you can taste that in every single brew they serve up.

Coffee paris

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