Coffee Shops In Cardiff

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Cardiff

Are you in Cardiff and on the hunt of the perfect cup of coffee? Whether you like it black or frothy, Cardiff is home to tons of cafes that do it all. Take your pick from these seven great coffee shops in Cardiff.

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1. The Little Man Coffee Company

Get your caffeine fix at this local Cardiff staple. Take your pick from their large brew selection. You can choose from local roasters like Lufkin Coffee or single-origin roasts from Nicaragua and Kenya. In addition to a diverse coffee selection, the atmosphere is inviting.

The Little Man Coffee Company is perfect for work, catching up with a friend or a quick morning cup.

2. Coffi Co.

Take your pick for 40+ drink options at Coffi Co. Whether you’re looking for a syrupy sweet frappe, stout Americano or frothy latte, Coffi Co. has you in mind. The local coffee shop is also home to some great live music and a friendly atmosphere.

3. Lufkin Coffee

Lufkin keeps it fresh and simple with their neighbourhood style cafe off Kings Rd. They bring delicious cups of coffee to the people of Cardiff straight from a local roastery in Grangetown. Be sure to enjoy one of their famous oat milk lattes.

Coffee Shops In Cardiff

4. 200 Degrees

This trendy and busy coffee joint is a must when in Cardiff. Enjoy a delicious hot long black or a creamy flat white and save room for a pastry. The baristas are Olympic level talent so you’re sure to get a good cup every time.

Coffee Shops In Cardiff

5. Big Moose

Big Moose is an adorable cafe in the heart of Cardiff. It began as a homage to the owner’s friend who passed away. He wanted to create a place where people are inspired to live happier, fuller and better lives while providing for the less fortunate. With Big Moose, that goal has come to fruition and funds food for the local homeless.

Have a meaningful brew at Big Moose.

Coffee Shops In Cardiff

6. Uncommon Ground Coffee Roastery

Housed in Cardiff’s Royal Arcade which dates to 1858, Uncommon Ground Coffee Roastery is a unique and quirky cafe. Family-owned by two local brothers who are committed to good coffee, it’s a must when in Cardiff. Take in the hip atmosphere over a strong black cup with a pastry at Uncommon Ground Coffee Roastery.

Coffee Shops In Cardiff

7. Coffee Barker

Situated right in Cardiff’s city centre, Coffee Barker is ideally and centrally located. Enjoy their eclectic atmosphere with a latte just a hop away from the castle. Inspired by NYC and Paris Grand Cafe’s, they put their own twist on the two styles and provide a unique atmosphere.

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