Coffee Shops In Iceland

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Iceland

Iceland is home to breathtaking scenery such as volcanos and lagoons plus some pretty incredible Viking history. In order to explore all of that, though, you’ll probably need a decent cup of coffee! If you’re planning on visiting the Nordic gem any time soon, be sure to check out these coffee shops in Iceland.

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1. Reykjavik Roasters – Reykjavík

Enjoy a strong and stout morning cup at Reykjavic Roasters. They boast three separate locations across the city, each one unique in style and atmosphere. You’ll find that the baristas put the right amount of care into each cup of coffee to be sure each mug is better than the last. They prioritise quality over everything at Reykjavic Roasters.

2. Café Babalú – Reykjavík

Quaint, cosy and welcoming are just a few words to describe Reykjavik’s Cafe Bablu. Here you can enjoy a light meal and a delicious cup of coffee. Their wide variety of coffee and hot dish options make it a local favourite. Should you find yourself there in summer, grab a spot outside.

3. Kaffi Ilmur – Akureyri

Housed in one of the cities oldest homes, Kaffi Ilmur is cosy, warm and perfect for coffee. Enjoy a perfectly creamy latte in what feels like a friends house in the country. If you’ve got the appetite, their lunch menu is full of delicious Icelandic fare.

Coffee Shops In Iceland

4. Stofan Café – Reykjavík

Stofan, or “livingroom” in English, is the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in Reykjavic. Nestled in an old historic building, they pride themselves not only on good coffee but a warm atmosphere. Take your pick from any of their high-quality brews that are served by their talented baristas.

5. Reykjavík Röst – Reykjavík

Heat yourself up on a frigid day with one of Reykjavik Röst’s delicious mugs of coffee. Located right on the harbour, you’re guaranteed gorgeous views whether inside or outside. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try one of their world-famous pastries.

Coffee Shops In Iceland

6. Heimabakarí – Húsavík

Warm baked goods and freshly roasted beans come together to create a great cafe at Heimabakari. Take your pick from any of their simple menu items and be sure to grab a small pastry or bread.

Coffee Shops In Iceland

7. Sandholt – Reykjavík

Easily Reykjavik’s most beloved bakery slash cafe, Sanholdt is a must when in the city. Take your pick from any of their fresh assortments of pastries and cakes to go with your hot cup of coffee. While you enjoy your sweets, sip on a smooth Americano or perfectly creamy latte.

Coffee Shops In Iceland


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