Coffee Shops In Norway

The 25 Best Coffee Shops In Norway

Did you know that Norway is one of the top coffee consuming countries in the world? The Norwegian coffee-style is characterised by its light roast that really brings out the flavours of the bean, with roasters here favouring single origin beans. With such a huge specialty coffee scene in Oslo and beyond, we’ve rounded up the best coffee shops in Norway to check out in 2020.

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1. Tim Wendelboe – Oslo

You simply can’t have a list of the best coffee shops in Norway without an ode to Tim Wendelboe coffee. This micro-roastery, coffee training centre and espresso bar is run by Tim Wendelboe, World Barista Champion and World Cup Tasters Champion. They work directly with small producers from Kenya, Honduras, Colombia, Ethiopia and El
Salvador and Mexico the freshest beans and constantly change up the coffee offering.

2. Mocca – Oslo

Mocca opened in the year 2000 and was the first micro-roastery of its kind in Norway, and it’s still a pioneering place today. With its own roastery brand (Kaffa) supplying top quality beans to both Mocca and its sister coffee shop, Java, you can be sure of an amazing cup of coffee here. Order a batch brewed black coffee or try a variety of brewing methods, from syphon to V60.

3. Jacobsen & Svart Coffee Roasters – Trondheim

This excellent coffee roastery and cafe in Trondheim selects the finest Fair Trade beans from around the world, roasting them to perfection for their signature berry-driven, floral, pure and sweet cups of black coffee. With passionate baristas at the helm, they take their coffee seriously here but without any coffee snobbery. Tasty freshly baked cinnamon buns are the cherry on top.

4. Risø – Tromsø

This cute coffee store in Tromso knows more than a thing or two about coffee, with a deep knowledge of the entire process from bean to up. The menu here is  composed of coffee from Africa, Asia and Latin America and there’s a focus on hand brewing methods for a fresh and aromatic cup. Fancy a silky latte or espresso? You’ll also find single origin espresso drinks here too.

5. Supreme Roastworks – Oslo

Watch (and smell!) the beans being roasted while you wait at Supreme Roastworks, a charming coffee shop in Oslo. Ran by award-winning barista Odd-Steinar Tøllefsenis, this is a micro-roastery that goes above and beyond the norm. Pop in here for freshly baked pastries, friendly staff and a coffee menu that includes Chemex brews, espresso and more.

6. Det Lille Kaffe Kompaniet – Bergen

‘The Little Coffee Company’ was Bergen’s first specialty coffee hotspot, and even though it’s small in size, in many people’s opinion it’s the best coffee shop in the city. Open since 1996, this place has a loyal local customer base who flock here for daily rotating drip coffee, espresso brews and French press. With coffee beans from local roasters in Norway, you can try some of the country’s very best.

7. Stockfleths – Oslo

Stockfleths has been an iconic coffee and tea house in Oslo for more than four decades and now has 11 stores in the city. They make it easy to choose the perfect roast too, dividing all their beans into three categories. The coffees they categorise as orange are sweet and full, purple are fruity, balanced and sweet, while coffees are green are acidic, fresh and fruity. Which will you choose?

8. KOKKO – Stavanger

KOKKO is the beautiful result of a specialty coffee shop opened by an architect with a passion for great coffee. The three-floor cafe includes an architecture studio up top, with a sleekly designed coffee shop on the ground floor. As well as freshly roasted black coffee, the cafe doubles as as a design store. If you like the chair you sit on, you can buy it. The same goes for the bike in the window!

9. Racoon Coffee – Alesund

Racoon Coffee is a charming coffee store in Alesund that’s popular with both locals and visitors. What’s so good about this place? While it’s hard to pick just a few highlights, the fresh coffee brewed from Norwegian roasters, homebaked goods and welcoming staff are key. Grab a table outside in the summer months and watch the world go by.

10. Hendrix Ibsen – Oslo

Hendrix Ibsen was the first coffee shop in Norway with nitro coffee on tap, so we suggest you try that while you’re here. A funky cafe in Vulkan, they’re all about good coffee, microbrews and vinyl here. The perfect combination in our eyes. They stock coffee from some of the country’s best and most interesting roasters and also have regular events, from coffee tasting to opera and brew nights or book launches.

11. Java Espresso Bar – Oslo

Java is the sister bar to aforementioned Mocca, and really holds its own on the Oslo coffee scene. It’s a popular coffee shop next to St. Hanshaugen Park that serves expertly brewed coffee, roasted by its own roastery, Kaffa. With a variety of single origin beans and signature blends to choose from, you’ll be in coffee heaven here. Order a warm croissant for the perfect morning bite.

12. Steam Kaffe – Stavanger

Steam now has six locations across Norway, but you can’t beat their cosy cafe in Stavanger. Norwegian coffee roasters Jacu and Lippe deliver coffee to each Steam store, where it’s brewed by highly skilled baristas who are happy to chat through the differences in the various roasts. A sharp focus on quality and consistency means you can always be sure of a great brew here.

Image: @subtlestories/Instagram

13. Jacu Coffee Roastery – Alesund

Jacu Coffee Roastery supplies top quality roasted beans to several coffee shops around the country (including Steam Kaffe, above). This is one of the most lauded roasters in all of Norway, known for their dedication to coffee sourcing and expert roasting on a Giesen W15. While it’s first and foremost a roastery, they open it up to the public as a coffee bar from 10am-1pm every Friday. Call in then to try their incredible coffee at source.

14. Fuglen – Oslo

Fuglen is a coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night and all-time vintage design shop. The interior is mainly Scandinavian design from the 50s and 60s, including the sought-after Cathrineholm plates and bowl, and it’s all for sale. As for the coffee? They roast the beans lightly – Nordic style – to enhance all the distinct and natural flavours of coffee.

15. Kaffebrenneri – Bergen

At this Bergen coffee brewery it always smells like freshly brewed coffee, thanks to the aromatic scent of roasting from the on-site roastery. The cafe is bright and airy, with pretty greenery and a tempting menu of espresso drinks and specialty hand brews. They roast beans from around the world, with roasts ranging from delicate light roasts to rich dark roasts with chocolatey hints.

16. Blom – Bergen

Yet another amazing Bergen shop, Blom highlights the very best of Norway’s coffee scene and always has some new coffee to try. They collaborate and order weekly from several fantastic Norwegian coffee roasters, as well as selected foreign guest roasters. It’s the sort of place where you can sample new coffee flavours each visit, and they even have free coffee tasting sessions every Saturday at 12pm.

17. Brasil Barista – Mo I Rana

This Brazilian coffee bar is somewhat of a hidden gem among the best coffee shops in Norway. Bringing a taste of Brazil to Mo i Rana is no small feat, but Brasil Bistro has won regional awards for its quality coffee and is a must-visit place. They brew both Norwegian and foreign roasts here, with all sorts of freshly baked treats to order on the side.

Coffee Shops In Norway

18. Solberg & Hansen Concept Store – Oslo

Solberg & Hansen is Norway’s largest and oldest specialty coffee, opening all the way back in 1879. They supply fresh roasted beans and seasonal coffee from their brewery in Ryen to some of the country’s best cafes, and also opened their own concept store at Mathallen in 2012. They focus on showing off the true flavour of the coffee, so suggest non-milk based coffees.

Coffee Shops In Norway

19. Håndverkeren Kaffe – Sandefjord

This small-but-mighty micro-roastery roasts beans onsite several times a week, so there’s always a glorious smell of coffee here. As well as the lovely coffee shop itself, they also have a mobile coffee shop: a completely refurbished Citroen Hy 1967 model that rolls around Sandefjord and serves freshly roasted specialty coffee.

P.S. There’s even an artisan ice cream bar in the backyard that’s open in warmer months, with some of the creamiest soft serve you’ll ever taste.

Coffee Shops In Norway

20. My Ugly Baby – Oslo

My Ugly Baby has a great name and even better coffee, with homebaked doughnuts that people travel all over the city for. The team here are ‘meticulously slurping, roasting, brewing to bring you unreal, delicious coffees’ and they succeed at doing just that every single day. With fun vibes and a menu of house-roasted coffees (that are beautifully packaged if you want beans to take home!), this is a must-try.

Coffee Shops In Norway

21. Kaffemisjonen – Bergen

If you haven’t already realised by now, Bergen has an impressive specialty coffee scene. ‘Coffee Mission’ is the sister cafe to Blom, mentioned previously on our list of the best coffee shops in Norway. A passion for offering coffee from several distilleries, weekly coffee tastings and different brewing methods makes this an essential cafe for all coffee fiends.

Coffee Shops In Norway

22. Keans Beans – Laukvika

Keans Beans is a very special place indeed. You’ll find this excellent little coffee shop at the harbour on Lofoten Island – looking out at the mountain scenery and calm waters is a truly peaceful experience. They roast coffee from small producers (mainly organic) from Brazil, El Salvador, India, Colombia, Sumatra, Honduras and Mexico, varying each roast level the type of bean.

Coffee Shops In Norway

23. Café le Frère – Trondheim

This charming corner coffee shop in Trondheim has two mottos that will delight any coffee fan: ‘probably the best espresso in the world’ and ‘all shots double unless requested’. It has a cosy atmosphere with books scattered around to read, and friendly staff who are happy to talk about all things coffee. It’s the sort of cafe every neighbourhood should have.

Coffee Shops In Norway

24. Huset Kafe – Leknes

Specialty coffee in Leknes? You betcha. This cute cafe has major fika vibes, with gourmet, fresh coffee in various forms, from strong espresso brews to smooth filters. It’s the perfect cosy hideaway in winter to snuggle up with a cappuccino and freshly baked slice of cake or pastry. Huset Kafe ticks all the boxes.

Coffee Shops In Norway
Image: @gtgutt/Instagram

25. Melkebaren – Bodø

This trendy coffee shop serves up delicious brews made from beans by local roastery, Bønner I Byen. They’re a Fair Trade roasters working with small producers across the globe, and Melkebaren really bring out the best of them with their brewing techniques. Talented staff and cool decor are the cherry on top.

Coffee Shops In Norway

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