Coffee Shops In Porto

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Porto

Porto is one of Europe’s most fun and unique cities. Full of great eateries and cafes dotting the Duoro River and the famous Livraria Lello, it’s not hard to see why. If you’re in Porto and looking for a delicious latte in a fun setting, check out this list. Here are seven of the best coffee shops in Porto.

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1. Majestic Café

Ornate 1900’s fixtures and belle-epoque glam come together in this Porto favourite. Whether you’re grabbing coffee before work or exploring the city, you have to squeeze in time to stay awhile. Take in the gorgeous interior and vintage 20’s atmosphere while enjoying a delicious cup. It’s no wonder Majestic Cafe continuously makes lists of the world’s most beautiful cafes.

2. Moustache

Just a hop away from the world-famous library, Livraria Lello, Moustache is ideally located. Take a seat on their patio or interior hightops while enjoying a smooth Americano in the heart of Porto.

3. Confeitaria Tavi

Escape the busy part of the city and head to Foz to enjoy a cup of coffee at Tavi while taking in the amazing sea views.

They bake some truly delicious bread and have a wide selection, so make sure to try some on your next visit!

4. Combi Coffee

Combi Coffee is the perfect spot to recharge and enjoy a cup of smooth brew. Whether you’re just starting the day or needing an afternoon pick me up, Combi fits the bill. In addition to a great caffeine selection, you’ll find the place is very trendy and filled with a healthy mix of tourists and locals.

Coffee Shops In Porto

5. Noshi Coffee

If you are looking for smooth cup of coffee in a healthy and airy setting, head to Noshi. Known for their killer vegan bites and delicious coffee options, you really can’t go wrong. Also located near Livraria Lello, it’s ideal for exploring the city after your morning pick me up.

Coffee Shops In Porto

6. C’Alma Specialty Coffee Room

Located in downtown Porto, C’Alma has collaborated with local roasting company 7g.roasters to create their espresso house blend.

As you walk inside this stunning building you’re greeted with high ceilings, ornate windows, lush plants, and elegant Portuguese tiles. It creates a truly cosy ambience, you could easily spend a few hours here sitting next to the piano.

7. Mesa 325

Head to Mesa 325 for a smooth cup of locally roasted and brewed coffee. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, it’s a calm and cosy spot to enjoy an Americano with a pastry. Bring a book, meet a friend or pop in for a morning cup.

Coffee Shops In Porto


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