Coffee Shops In Wales

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Wales

Are you on the hunt for the perfect brew in Wales? Whether you’re looking for a morning pitstop or an afternoon pick me up, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a hole in the wall neighbourhood cafe or a trendy coffee shop, we’ve got you covered. Get your caffeine fix at any one of these charming coffee shops in Wales.

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1. Coaltown Coffee Roasters – Ammanford

Small batch speciality coffee is what Coaltown Coffee Roasters does best. This award-winning Ammanford coffee shop is known for its sustainable brews and unique coffee selection. Here you’ll find java that’s wholesome, fresh and delicious.

2. The Little Man Coffee Company – Cardiff

Get your caffeine fix at this local Cardiff staple. Take your pick from their large brew selection. You can choose from local roasters like Lufkin Coffee or single-origin roasts from Nicaragua and Kenya. In addition to a diverse coffee selection, the atmosphere is inviting.

The Little Man Coffee Company is perfect for work, catching up with a friend or a quick morning cup.

3. Cwtch Café – Abergavenny

This excellent speciality coffee shop in Abergavenny serves up all sorts of tempting drinks, with a coffee menu that features espresso brews, with everything from smooth Americanos to a silky flat white. P.S. If you’re in for breakfast, the tasty eggs benedict and indulgent cakes are a must-eat.

4. The Plug – Powys

The Plug in Powys is known for its hip atmosphere and smooth brews. Take your pick from any of their deliciously milks cappuccinos or have a stout americano. If you’ve got the appetite, they also serve some mean toast. We recommend the sourdough with cheddar and chilli jam.

Coffee Shops In Wales

5. 200 Degrees – Cardiff

This trendy and busy coffee joint is a must when in Cardiff. Enjoy a delicious hot long black or a creamy flat white and save room for a pastry. The baristas are Olympic level talent so you’re sure to get a good cup every time.

Coffee Shops In Wales

6. Square Peg Coffee House – Swansea

At Square Peg, they are all about giving back. This cafe was created to provide for the local community “in profits, quality and love. ” Their profits go straight to Children of Hope and Kenya. They believe coffee is more than just caffeine, it’s a cup of something meaningful. Have a special cup at Square Peg and contribute to their wholesome cause.

Coffee Shops In Wales

7. Dyfi Roastery – Machynlleth

Laidback and cosy, Dyfi Roastery is a Machynlleth favourite. Take a seat at this neighbourhood cafe and enjoy a few cups of their freshly roasted coffee. Their flat white is a local favourite and their pastries are always fresh and homemade. You can’t go wrong with a pick-me-up from Dyfi.

Coffee Shops In Wales

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