Best Ribs in Delaware State

The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Delaware

One word: sauce. Two words: ribs, sauce. Three words: Ribs, sauce, racks. Speaking of which, the racks here are substantial – they fill the plates to overflowing, while the tastes are so tangy that if you’re not careful you’ll be in danger of licking the skin off your fingers.

Our friendly advice is to grab your friends, read our list of the top places to eat the best Delaware ribs, and don’t delay for a second.

Best Ribs In DelawareHow do these rankings work?

1. Limestone BBQ and Bourbon – Wilmington

What pairs better together than a nice bourbon on the rocks and some tasty, juicy smoked meat? Nothing, that’s what. And, you can find both at Limestone BBQ and Bourbon. As they say, their BBQ speaks for itself. The ribs are St. Louis-style, which means they’re extra juicy and feature a consistent, smoked flavour every time you order.

Best Ribs in Delaware

2. TenderBones Rib Shack – Bear

As the name suggests, TenderBones Rib Shack specialises in serving up super tender, oh-so-juicy racks of delicious ribs. Their spare ribs come served with two, four, or eight bones. And, we fully suggest you go ahead and order eight. Not only are they tender and fall-off-the-bone kind of good, but they’re some of the most flavourful in the state.

3. Fat Daddy’s BBQ – Georgetown

The BBQ at Fat Daddy’s is truly finger-lickin’ good. They slowly smoke each and every one of their meats to perfection while preserving the juicy taste of each cut. It’s all mouthwatering, but the ribs are truly a sight to see and, well, taste. The Rib Dinner is a tasty special that’s hard to resist. Trust us, you’ll find room for every last bite.

4. Bethany Blues of Lewes – Lewes

The concept behind Bethany Blues is truly unique and delightful if you’re a foodie. The owners have taken the time to learn regional styles of slow smoking and the wood fire process. It’s why they offer various styles, ranging from Carolina-style barbecue to Texas-style beef brisket and even St. Louis ribs. Start with the ribs and work your way through the entire menu.

Best Ribs in Delaware State

5. Charlie K’s BBQ – Ocean View

You walk up to the window and order at this no-frills BBQ joint. However, don’t let the lack of flash and frills fool you…this spot serves nothing but mouthwatering, high-quality BBQ across the board. The ribs are spiced to perfection and served not too juicy but not too dry. Simply put, they’re pretty great.

6. Mission BBQ – Dover

The folks over at Mission BBQ travelled the entire country in search of the best BBQ. And, after sampling more than their fair share of ribs and other smoked meats, they brought it all back to the fine state of Delaware. The result is a mouthwatering presentation of some world-class BBQ, particularly in the form of their ribs.

7. Russell’s Quality Food – Wilmington

Russell’s Quality Food made our list of the 50 Best Spots for BBQ In America. So, it comes as no surprise that their ribs earn a spot on any list of the best ribs in Delaware. While we initially ranked them for the various ways in which they smoke their pulled pork (atop oak, hickory, and cherry wood), it’s their ribs we’re after today. Order the pork rib sandwich and prepare to be delighted.

Best Ribs in Delaware

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