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7 Delicious Food Halls In Stockholm

On the hunt for something to eat in the city? There’s some seriously delicious food halls in Stockholm with dishes for all tastes. If you’re craving some artisan cheese but your friend wants dumplings, a food court is your best bet. Split up, grab your preferred bites to eat and settle in for a feast.

Here’s our pick of the best food courts and market halls in the city that mix traditional Swedish cuisine and international fare.

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1. Östermalms Saluhall

This is easily the most famous among all of the markets and food halls in Stockholm. A historical, gorgeous market hall from the 1880s, you can’t go wrong with some gourmet snacking here.

As well as groceries, fruit and veg, there’s restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy traditional Swedish delicacies. Vendors here have an emphasis on seafood and the classic Swedish fare of ’husmanskost’, which is traditional comfort food.

Note: the market hall is currently being renovated and will reopen in early 2020. Until then, all of the the food stalls and restaurants are in a temporary covered market situated on Östermalmstorg square.

2. Eataly

The global food brand has made a name for itself in Stockholm. Eataly’s philosophy is simple, and something we can really get on board with; all the Italian delicacies you can imagine, in one place.

Feast on Italian cheese, salami, and cured meat, fresh pasta and pizza at the market’s large indoor piazza, or pick and choose from the many food stalls to cook up your own meal at home.

3. Hötorgshallen

This classic market has stood on this site since the 1880’s, and today delicacies from all around the world share the space in Hötorgshallen. Go on a tasty gastronomical journey as you browse through the market booths and fill your basket with gourmet vegetables, artisan products, fresh seafood and wine.

Downstairs in the market is where you’ll find permanent food stalls where you can dig into taste bites to eat.

4. K25

This modern, urban food court is one of the best places to grab a bite to eat in the city. You will find high-quality, inexpensive dishes from all over the world, across 11 different restaurants. There’s everything from hamburgers at the gourmet restaurant Vigårda to dumplings from Beijing 8.

K25 is a popular lunch place among office workers in central Stockholm, and we can see why – it’s a must-visit.

5. NK Market Hall

Stopping off here for something to eat is the perfect way to either start or finish your day of shopping at the iconic NK department store. The market hall, located on the department store’s basement floor, has several shops and food stalls with fresh produce, local delicacies and imported treats.

There’s everything from classic Swedish hot dogs, Nordic cuisines or French bistros to superfood smoothies and fresh coffee.

food halls Stockholm

6. Paradiset Organic Market

Paradiset is the largest organic food store in Sweden – you can find everything from vegetables and fruit to meat, bread, and even skincare here. Go for a quick lunch, a glass of champagne, ice-cream or simply to buy your daily groceries. Everything in store here is simply superb.

There’s an outlet in the Nordiska Kompaniet department store (above), and standalone stores in Nacka and Täby Centrum.

food halls Stockholm

7. Teatern

Teatern is a hip, innovative space that combines the best of fine cuisine and popular food-court dining. Some of Sweden’s best-known restaurateurs share the 250 seats in the dining area – such as Adam Dahlberg & Albin Wessman, Stefano Catenacci and Nobel pastry chef Daniel Roos.

You can taste world-class sausages, vegan burgers, enjoy small plates from all over the world, such as dishes inspired by Asian street food. Basically, there’s always be something to tempt you here.

food halls Stockholm

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