Dessert in Chiang Mai

The 7 Best Dessert Cafes In Chiang Mai

Founded in 1296, Chiang Mai is home to some of the most elaborate Buddhist temples in all of Thailand. However, aside from rich jungle thick and some of Asia’s best bars, you’ll also find that Chiang Mai is a paradise for anybody with a sweet tooth.

From traditional mango sticky rice and Shibuya toast to ever-increasingly creative creations such as twists on roti and other sweet Thai treats, Chiang Mai’s got it all.

There’s no way you’ll be able to count the calories here. And, honestly, why should you? Treat yourself to one of the seven best dessert cafes in Chiang Mai.

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1. Cheevit Cheeva

Not only is Cheevit Cheeva one of the best dessert cafes in Chiang Mai, but it’s also one of the trendiest cafes in all of Thailand. You’ll have no problem spending the entire afternoon is this inspiring, well-decorated space as you devour dessert after dessert. From tiramisu-flavoured bubble tea to Oreo cookies and cream sticky rice, their treats are guaranteed to delight.

Dessert in Chiang Mai

2. Dhara Dhevi Cake Shop

Hailed by many travellers as one of the best dessert cafes in Chiang Mai, Dhara Dhevi Cake Shop specialises in, you guessed it, cakes! And, not only that, but they make some of the best macarons you’ll find outside of France. Enjoy one of their delightful sweets, pair it with a nice drink, and sample as many flavours of macarons as your stomach can handle.

Macarons in Chiang Mai

3. Khaofang Dessert Cafe

If you happen to be celebrating a birthday in Chiang Mai, then definitely check out the Khaofang Dessert Cafe. There, you’ll be able to order an extremely well-crafted, extravagant cake however you want it. If it’s not your birthday then you should still stop by. Order a few cake pops or sample any of the sweets they’ve currently got on their menu. You won’t regret it.

Where to Celebrate a Birthday in Chiang Mai

4. Roselato

Looking for a super Instagrammable dessert in Chiang Mai? Try the gelato at Roselato. They form it into the shape of a rose (as you probably guessed). The elegant ice cream parlour is super quaint and inviting, which means that you’ll want to head back every day to try more and more flavours, each one formed into a beautiful little rose for you to enjoy before you devour.

5. Fruiturday

This fruit-focused dessert cafe in Chiang Mai is revolutionising the way sweet treats are made in Thailand. Enjoy healthier desserts that feature fresh fruit as the main star. From thirst-quenching sweet juices straight through to the ever-popular sticky rice, there’s something here for everybody. The best part? You won’t totally undo your diet with the dessert here.

Creative Desserts in Chiang Mai Thailand

6. Jardin d’été Gelato and Dessert Cafe

Make no mistake, this trendy little gelato cafe might be in Chiang Mai, but the quality of the pastries that they put out feels as if it belongs in the centre of Paris. Here, the products have been crafted by skilled pastry chefs using premium ingredients. Each bite into one of their pastries and each lick of their creamy gelato proves just how masterful the chefs here are. They serve some of the best desserts in Chiang Mai without a doubt.

Gourmet Dessert Chiang Mai

7. On Cloud Nine

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a fluffy, sweet dream looks like, then just pay a visit to On Cloud Nine, one of the most intriguing places for dessert in Chiang Mai. Not only is the pink exterior extremely Instagrammable (hello travel influencers), but the interior is just as sweet and delicious as the treats that they sell. From cotton candy-filled desserts to magically rich concoctions, there are few places in the world that do dessert as they do here.

Best Dessert Cafes in Chiang Mai

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