Best Dessert Cafes in Singapore

The 7 Best Dessert Cafes In Singapore

Singapore is filled with some enchanting bars and delightfully romantic restaurants. But, after dinner and drinks, we bet you’ll be craving something sweet.

If you’re looking for after-hours sweets or even a mid-day treat, then you’re in luck. Singapore is peppered with numerous dessert cafes. From indulgent cakes to piled-high waffles that’ll leave you craving more and more, there’s something on this list for everybody.

It’s time to treat yourself. Head to one of the seven best dessert cafes in Singapore and indulge.

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1. Sunday Folks

Tucked away inside of the Chip Bee Garden is where you’ll find Sunday Folks, by far one of the best dessert cafes in Singapore. Trendy, elegant desserts are standard fare (try the earl grey lavender and sea salt gula Melaka), but it’s the waffles that truly captivate visitors. You’ll be converted into a life-long fan after the first bite.

Best Dessert Cafes in Singapore

2. Non Entrée Desserts

There’s nothing at Non Entrée Desserts that’s not mindbogglingly delicious. Everything here is sweet, at least if you order from their Back to the Future menu. But, it looks as if it’s a normal meal. Fascinating, intriguing, and truly creative, this is one of the best dessert cafes in Singapore, if not the entire world. Make sure to try their matcha avalanche (pictured below).

Best Desserts in Singapore

3. The White Ombré Café

Locals seem to love this cute, trendy little cafe that serves up awesome cakes. Whether you’re looking to get a cake for a friend’s birthday or simply want to stop by after dinner and a show, The White Ombré Café is definitely the place to do so. The locale is unpretentious and super inviting, which makes your stay here even sweeter.

Best Cakes in Singapore

4. 2am:dessertbar

Posh desserts paired with wine cocktails? It’s as scrumptious and intriguing as it sounds. 2am:dessertbar is one of the most creative, eccentric dessert cafes in Singapore, serving innovative creations that feel as if you’re dining in a Michelin star restaurant. Stop here for dinner, as the main courses are worth a try, but stay for a deliciously sweet dessert.

5. Antoinette

The French-inspired Antoinette is popular amongst locals who love a high-quality dessert that always delivers on flavour. The pastry chef, Pang Kok Keong, excels at putting creative, modern spins on traditional sweet classics. His rendition of the bubble tea cake is a must-see and a must-taste.

Delicious Desserts in Singapore

6. The Tiramisu Hero

Here, it’s all about tiramisu and honestly, we’re not mad about it. Sample varying flavours of quality tiramisu, from their Baileys flavour all the way to Oreo, kaya, matcha, or even cinnamon. They serve the tiramisu in cute little jars and it’s always delectably fluffy and delicious.

7. Plain Vanilla Bakery

Despite the name, there’s nothing plain about this bakery, at least when it comes to flavour. Pastries here are full of flavour, each one just as delicious as the next. Tantalising cupcakes await you here, and you’ll find them in varying flavours, ranging from the super-sweet cream cheese-frosted red velvet to the classic Nutella-filled chocolate hazelnut.

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