Filipino street food

Filipino Street Food: 7 Delicious Dishes To Try

Filipino street food is one of the best things about this country. There’s so many delicious street vendors dotted around the cities, with local snacks for cheap.

From sugary bananas to smokey meats, you’re sure to find something tempting on every corner of Manila, El Nido and places in between. Food vendors here are super mobile, popping up on one street for a few hours before moving somewhere else, and there’s plenty of food markets to try.

But which are the fool-proof dishes to try? Here’s our top picks of the best Myanmar street food eats. Get ready to drool…

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1. Isaw

Either pig or chicken intestines are grilled over charcoal on skewers for a tasty snack. Most locals like to soak their isaw in chilli onion vinegar and let it absorb as much vinegar as possible, for a delicious contrast against the smokey meat. You might be wary of trying it, but you’ll soon come to love it.

2. Halo Halo

Halo-halo is a popular Filipino cold dessert of crushed ice, evaporated milk, beans, tapioca pearls and various toppings such as jelly or fruit. A tall glass of cold halo-halo on a hot day in the Philippines is the perfect treat. Easily one of the must-try Filipino street foods!

Image: @whattoeatph/Instagram

3. Kwek-Kwek

Think of a classic American corn dog, expect it’s a quail egg in a bright orange batter that’s deep fried until super crispy. Lash on some onions, chilli and vinegar for some of the best Filipino street food to eat on the trot.

Image: @tarasasouth/Instagram

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4. Balut

This is probably one of the most famous street foods in the Philippines: balut is a partially developed duck egg embryo. You crack a hole in the top of the shell, firstly drinking out the chicken soup the egg has been boiled in. Then you peel the egg, sprinkle on some salt and vinegar and dig in.

Image: @cochienera/Instagram

5. Sisig

Sisig is a delicious Filipino dish from parts of pig head and chicken liver, with seasonings of calamansi, onions and chili peppers. It’s all sizzled up together in a pan for a crispy, meaty feast.

Filipino street food

6. Bananacue

These tiny, tasty bananas are the perfect sweet treat. The banana is coated in brown sugar and caramelised over the grill until it’s sticky and sweet. Order more than one, as you’ll be craving another bite of this as soon as you’ve finished your first one!

Filipino street food

7. Lechon Manok

Also popular as a main dish in local restaurants, this rotisserie-style chicken will have you licking your fingers to get every last taste. The chicken is stuffed with lemongrass, rubbed in a marinade of soy sauce, sugar, and calamansi, before being slow roasted until golden brown and crispy.

Filipino street food
Image: @pinoybestfood/Instagram

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