The 7 Best Sources For Reliable Coronavirus Travel Advice

Finding coronavirus travel advice online is an ever moving picture, with lots of misinformation and plain fake news out there. With so much disruption around the world, it is important to have trustworthy and reliable fact checked sources.

We have picked the seven best places for finding coronavirus travel advice with many being live blogs and websites that keep info in real time.

Reliable Coronavirus Advice Sources

1. CDC Website

Targeted at a US audience, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the leading national public health institute of the United States. The site provide excellent maps and tools to access the risk around the world with constantly updating information.

2. Skift Live Blog

Skift is an excellent and intelligent industry news site that focuses on the big business of travel, and the effect that the virus is having not just on industry but regular travellers.

3. The Points Guy

Check out the expert advice on The Points Guy for a brilliant overview to see if you should travel at all, especially when it comes to taking flights. Also some great information on the financial implications of missed trips.

Finding coronavirus travel advice

4. Time Magazine Live Map

As the virus has started to spread in the USA, it can be hard to track all the outbreaks in each state. Time magazine have a great live mapping tool.

5. Johns Hopkins Data Tracker

John Hopkins University were one of the first to have live data from the original Chinese outbreak, and their charts continue to be super useful at a global level.

Finding coronavirus travel advice

6. WHO Website

The world health organisation have been leading the fight on the virus and their site is packed full of useful data, briefings and videos

7. Worldometers

Need to travel somewhere? This site gives you a great break down out the seriousness of the outbreak in every country.

Finding coronavirus travel advice


You can also follow our own real time travel blog here which is constantly updated with coronavirus news and updates.

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