Triple Flambéed Cheeseburger At Your Table

Daily Drool #7 – Triple Cheeseburger Flambéed At Your Table

By now, you probably think that you have seen every type of cheeseburger that there is to see, but have you ever seen a flambéed cheeseburger?

Yeah. We didn’t think so.

Today is your lucky, drool-inducing day… This is yet another dish that is going to stop you in your tracks and make you question everything you thought you knew about food…

The Fyre Fest Burger:

Here’s what you can expect when this beauty arrives at the table…

  • Three cheese-covered patties
  • These are then drenched in an aged Cheddar Mornay sauce
  • At the table it the burger is smothered in truffle demi-glace…
  • Followed by a shot of Jamaican rum
  • The whole thing is then flambéed table-side
  • BOOM!

In terms of presentation, this is the most impressive burger we have ever seen. Plus, kudos for that clever name.


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This burger is served in LKSD Kitchen in Downey, California – a funky restaurant that specialises in some seriously bad ass food. Huge steaks, burgers they set on fire and whopper portions of wings are just some of their tasty bites.

The flaming Fyre Fest cheeseburger really steals the show…


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The guys in Foodbeast went behind the scenes to see some of the very best food in this restaurant getting made. Let’s just say it isn’t the sort of place you should be coming if you don’t have a serious appetite.

Love burgers just as much as we do? Check out some of the very best burgers we have rounded up across the globe.

We love them all but we have to say we would swap every burger we’ve ever eaten for one bite of this flambéed cheeseburger. Have one last look at it in all its glory…


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