The 7 Best Frankfurt burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Frankfurt

Frankfurt burgers are among the tastiest that you’ll find in Germany – yes, really – so we wanted to find the seven very best burger joints in the city.

From the huge burgers stuffed full to the brim with fillings to the more humble cheeseburgers (and everything in between) this is the ultimate guide for all foodies.

So grab a friend, drink a couple of beers and get stuck into these seven amazing Frankfurt burgers. You can try traditional German delicacies another time…

Best burgers in FrankfurtHow do these rankings work?

1. Der Fette Bulle

Quite simply one of the best burgers in the country. Big, juicy and oozing with flavour, when you add in their home made fries and their delicious cocktails it’s no wonder they have so many devoted regulars. Superb.

Der Fette Bulle burgers In Frankfurt

2. Jamy’s Burger

It’s all about the philosophy of sourcing the very best ingredients here and Jamy’s Burger pride themselves on it. The end result? A wonderfully fresh, non-greasy burger that quite simply melts in your mouth as you eat it. One to be enjoyed with friends.

Jamy’s Burger

3. Heroes Premium Burgers

A fun place to come and eat with a mixture of great service, comic books on the walls, a large selection of tasty beers and best of all, burgers full of originality and big taste. You’ll soon be a lifetime fan. The burgers are stacked high with droolworthy toppings and the fries nice and crispy.

Heroes Premium Burgers In Frankfurt

4. Burger Baby

A supers simple and small stripped-back burger bar, where the focus is very much on the food. You can sit in and eat at the counter or get them to go (as many people do) and eat outside. They also deliver – hallelujah. 

Their portions are generous with a focus on pure quality and simplicity of toppings which is a good thing.

Burger Baby In Frankfurt

5. Traumkuh – Burger & Poutine

Their burgers taste so good because they take great care in sourcing their meat before dry-aging it for 16 days. They also insist on only grinding the meat a maximum of two hours before cooking, which makes a huge difference. They also bake their own buns -this is a restaurant that is going all out to make the best Frankfurt burger.

Burger & Poutine In Frankfurt

6. Good Guys

An American-style joint where they do really good chicken wings, steaks, salads and nachos. Ignore all of those and go straight for the burgers though, because they are perfectly formed and delicious. Add in some of their loaded fries on the side and you are in for a real treat.

Frankfurt burgers

7. Burger For U

This is a super casual burger joint where you will instantly feel at home with great food and beers to match. Their burgers are perfectly sized to fit into one hand and devour without too many toppings yet still loaded up on taste. They also do great sweet potato fries if you want to pretend to be healthy.

Burger For U

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