Georgia Slang

7 Georgia Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

If you’re spending some time in the state, you will want to know these Georgia slang words to help you speak like a local. From great road trips to tasty burgers, as well as enjoyable cities like Atlanta, this is a state you will want to get to know a whole lot better.

Take note of these essential Georgia phrases and you’ll fit right in – or at the very least, not be confused if somebody says one of these sayings!

Georgia Slang Words

1. Brick = A long measure of time

“I haven’t seen you in a brick.’

Georgia Slang

2. One monkey don’t stop no show = Get it done or keep working

This phrase has the general meaning of “one setback should not impede progress”.

Georgia Slang

3. Juug = To act unlawfully, typically for personal financial gain

The term “Juug” has been used by Fetty Wap, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Kodak Black, Young Scooter, and many more rappers.

Georgia Slang

4. Get to gettin = Which means it’s time to leave or go

“It’s 6 o’clock already?! C’mon, we got to get to gettin’!”

5. Buckhead Betty = Typical soccer mom, Buckhead refers to a wealthy suburb of Atlanta

The Karens of Atlanta.

6. B Wick = Brunswick

“You heading to B Wick for that party this weekend?”

7. No cap = Used at the beginning or end of a sentence, the phrase means the speaker is telling the complete truth with no fabrications

“That was the best pasta I’ve ever had, no cap.”

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