The 7 Best Glasgow Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Glasgow

No matter what city you travel to in the world, you can be sure there’s a wide range of burgers – from the downright awful to the sublime. Glasgow burgers are seriously tasty though, so we’ve rounded up 7 of the best. This is an updated list for 2020, so you can keep up to date with this year’s tastiest burger spots.

All you have to do is work up an appetite and start cracking your way through this list.

Maybe don’t do them all in one sitting…

Best Glasgow BurgersHow do these rankings work?

1. Bloc+

You don’t need to be a marketing genius to see what their burger the “Mad Mac” is based on. It looks pretty much like the real thing, but dare we say it tastes even better. Through some of their loaded fries on the plate and you have a dream meal.

Glasgow Burgers

2. Meat Bar

You’d expect a restaurant with ‘meat’ in their name to do a decent burger, and they don’t let the side down. Their specials include this beauty below with special blend patty topped with black pudding , American trash cheese, thinly sliced onion and their own special burger sauce.

Insanely good.

Burgers In Scotland

3. Bread Meats Bread

One for those people who love cramming absolutely massive burgers full of toppings into their mouths.

Their Royale with cheese is the stuff of legend. With three locations around the city  too, you’ll be able to get them more often.

Bread Meats Bread Burgers

4. El Perro Negro

They have a focus on great ingredients here and as they say themselves “great burgers start with great beef”. Unlike some of the huge versions in the city, these fit into your mouth perfectly at a squeeze and come in at well under a tenner. Divine.

El Perro Negro Glasgow burgers

5. The Crafty Pig

When a local neighbourhood bar meets a dive bar, you get The Crafty Pig.

This is a fun place to drink beer, watch sport and eat amazing burgers. The fact that their burgers are so affordable and taste so good makes this the perfect place to hang with a few buddies for the day.

The Crafty Pig Hamburger


They call themselves the home of Glasgow’s most affordable great burgers, and it’s a claim that is impossible to argue with. You’ll get a burger for as little as £4 and they taste insane.

There’s also two BRGR locations to choose from too, so you’re so never far away from one of these bad boys.

BRGR Hamburgers

7. The Butchershop Bar and Grill

The classy restaurant’s burger tastes like it has even more love and tenderness put into it than you thought possible. The chefs in here cook the beef to absolute perfection, so that the juice is oozing out of the meat. As good as a burger can possibly get.

The Butchershop Bar and Grill in Glassglow

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