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The 7 Best Ice Cream Parlours In Hawaii

Hawaii ice cream is right up there with some of the very best in America, so we wanted to highlight the seven best places on this wonderful island to devour it.

From the classic Italian gelato to a soft serve, these are the best scoops in town. Whatever it is that you fancy to satisfy that sweet tooth we have you covered.

So forget about the calories. The gym can wait until tomorrow. It’s time to check out the very best Hawaii ice cream parlours.

Best Ice Cream in HawaiiHow do these rankings work?

1. Black Sheep Cream Co – Waipahu

Black Sheep Cream Co. is well known locally as serving up some of the best ice cream on all the islands and consistently wins awards.

They even have a tasting board of ice creams, where you get small scoops of different flavours to help you fully experience the offering. It doesn’t get much better than eating ice cream in Hawaii.

2. Cream N’ Roll – Honolulu

A locally owned rolled ice cream company located in the heart of Honolulu which have just opened their second location.

You get to create your own masterpieces from scratch and watch as they are assembled in front of you as you lick your lips in anticipation. The ideal ice cream to walk the hot streets with taking in the sights.

Hawaii ice cream

3. Lappert’s – Princeville

Lappert’s serve up some of the best ice cream on the islands and complement that with some seriously good coffee too.

Their portions are large, the flavours super imaginative and always changing and they always have some of the very best service. The sort of place that once you visit once, you’ll be hooked for life.

4. Café Glacé – Honolulu

They offer 32 Ice cream flavours daily that rotate on a regular basis so you will never be short of choice.

That’s all along with made to order crepes, health howls, hand made pastries and a super coffee bar. You really come here for one thing only though, and that is the superb ice cream offering.

Hawaii ice cream

5. Tropical Dreams – Kapaʻa

They serve super premium ice cream that is made containing 18% butterfat to give it a deep, rich and luscious texture and flavour.

The also incorporate lots of fresh, local and season products into the ice creams and keep the flavours varied, so there is something new and exciting every time you come back.

6. Via Gelato – Honolulu

Via Gelato make their small batches of gelato every single day and you can taste just how fresh it is from the very first mouthful.

The have some wonderful flavours like matcha, hot chocolate and peppermint Oreo. The only problem you will have is narrowing down your final choice.

7. Samurai Inc – Honolulu

This is a truly local taste experience that will blow your taste buds away as soon as you try it.

Hawaiian Frost soft serve is a one of a kind! Experience a creamy and refreshing cross between Hawaiian shave ice and ice cream. The perfect way to cool down on a hot day.

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