7 Best Ho Chi Minh City Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Ho Chi Minh City

This is a bustling city packed with great food – pho, ban xeo and banh mi – but we wanted to focus on the very best Ho Chi Minh City burgers.

So step inside away from the busy streets packed with mopeds and people going about their business to indulge yourself in a truly great burger. The juiciest bites in the city.

Work up an appetite, grab a friend and head out to grab one of these very best Ho Chi Minh City burgers

Best burgers Ho Chi MinhHow do these rankings work?

1. Marcel Gourmet Burger

They focus all their attention on creating absolutely epic burgers. The patties are shaped daily to keep the meat fresh. The buns are soft, the toppings lush and not overloaded.

Order their loaded fries on the side and you will be in absolute heaven.

Marcel Gourmet Burger

2. Relish & Sons

They believe in making unique and exciting burgers and have done so by creating a whole lot of interesting sides, relishes and chutneys. Some of their burgers are even served on black charcoal buns.

They also do amazing chicken wings, coffee and side orders but let’s be honest, you are here for the burgers.

Ho Chi Minh City Burgers

3. Soul Burger

Soul Burger is a great place to come for a few beers with friends and unwind over some proper comfort food.

Their burgers are classic in style and feature seriously juicy meat that is always cooked to perfection. Friendly staff and a great atmosphere make it the sort of place you will stay around for a couple more drinks.

Soul Burger in Ho Chi Minh City

4. Chuck’s Burgers

This diner-style burger joint right in the centre of the city serves what they call classic “California style” burgers. They stack them high, with many people ordering triple or even quadruple patties.

Classic toppings, all beautifully grilled and served up with plenty of cheese. Just make sure you come with an appetite.

Chuck's Burgers in Ho Chi Minh City

5. Jake’s American BBQ

At their core is BBQ which means great wings, ribs, sauces and of course burgers. That smokey slow cooked taste comes in every dish they serve and it is just divine.

Add in one of the best selections of beer in the city and this is not a place you are going to want to leave in a hurry.

Jake's American BBQ Hamburgers

6. Chanh Bistro Rooftop

Chanh Bistro Rooftop has some seriously fine dining dishes on the menu with the biggest draw being the chance to eat a meal with a serious view of Ho Chi Minh’s skyline.

The burger is a fat patty with classic toppings that will melt in your mouth. As you take that first bite looking out over the city you will be one seriously happy person.

Chanh Bistro Rooftop Hamburger

7. The Hungry Pig

While bacon is in their name and they serve it in many dishes – including some great breakfasts – The Hungry Pig has also perfected the burger.

Ex-pats love this place for the taste of home. Once you dig into that burger you will quickly realise that you are about to become a regular.

The Hungry Pig burgers in Ho Chi Minh City

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