Best Pizzas In Ho Chi Minh City

The 7 Best Pizzas In Ho Chi Minh City

South East Asia( and Vietnam in particular) have some of the most exciting food in the world, but sometimes only a classic carb-fest will do, so we wanted to check out the Ho Chi Minh City pizza scene. It’s way more diverse, exciting and authentic than you could ever have possibly imagined.

From classic Italian-style to simple slices you eat when on the go and everything in between. There’s something here for every sort of pizza fanatic.

Hungry yet? Get ready to explore the seven best Ho Chi Minh City pizza joints…

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1. Italiani’s Pizza

With several locations around the city, Italiani’s Pizza make fresh dough, use the freshest imported mozzarella and cook the pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

With vine ripened tomatoes making a delicious tomato sauce, this is as close to a real Italian pizza you will find in Asia. Absolute perfection every single time.

Italiani's Pizza in Ho Chi Minh City

2. Pizza 4P’s

Now with seven locations around the city the good news is you’re never going to be far away from their pizzas. Pizza 4P’s is one of the top restaurants in Vietnam.

They make their cheese in house, which shows the remarkable extents they are willing to go for quality. Their pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven and delivered to the table piping hot and looking divine.

Pizza 4P's in Ho Chi Minh City

3. Pizza & Bia

With a great selection of craft beers and a stellar wine list, this is the perfect place to start a night out with friends.

Their pizzas are massive and made for sharing. They feature creative toppings; along with the friendly service and buzzing room this is not a place to miss.

Ho Chi Minh City

4. Pendolasco

A classic Italian restaurant where their pastas are just as well known and tasty as the pizzas. Whatever you choose you are going to be seriously rewarded.

They’ve been making their pizzas here since 1998 which shows they know what they are doing. That plus the many happy customers coming back on a regular basis you know this is not a place to be missed.

Pendolasco Pizzeria in Ho Chi Minh City

5. Buzza Pizza

They serve great pastas, meats dishes and other comfort food but you come here for the pizza. Along with their house-made cocktails this is the sort of place to really push the boat out and treat yourself.

The pizzas are classic in style with a thinner crispy crust and always come loaded with the most delicious and fresh toppings.

Buzza Pizzrria

6. Oliver’s Pizza

Oliver’s Pizza is the perfect spot when you don’t want all the formality of a sit down restaurant experience. Simply pick out a couple of toppings and watch them be heated up in front of your eyes as you stand there drooling.

The perfect place to stop in with a friend before a night out or on the way home from work.

Oliver's Pizza in Ho Chi Minh City

7. Basta Hiro Pasta & Pizza

A wonderfully inventive, exciting and innovative restaurant that is always packed and brilliant at what they do.

Their pastas are super authentic and their wine list is a triumph but they really shine when it comes to pizza. The quality of their raw ingredients is what really sets them apart.

Basta Hiro Pasta & Pizza

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