The Anthony Bourdain Hoi An Banh Mi

The Anthony Bourdain Hoi An Banh Mi – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re a food lover and arrive in the small Vietnamese town of Hoi An, one of the first things you’ll start hearing about is the “Anthony Bourdain” Hoi An Banh Mi.

In a town with so many tourists and so many competing places to try the famous Banh Mi, we wanted to break down the what, where, how and why of this great sandwich to make sure you get the best possible experience…

What is the Anthony Bourdain Hoi An Banh Mi?

The Banh Mi is a sandwich that is made with a French baguette, pate, meats and fresh herbs, and is a perfect blend of French tradition and modern Vietnamese culture. This particular version of it was made popular by Anthony Bourdain when he visited this small stall in Hoi An and declared the baguette a triumph.

You’ll find it at Banh Mi Phuong.


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Where will I find it?

What started as a small street stall is now a two storey restaurant called Banh Mi Phuong.  You’ll find the exact address here.

It’s close to the Old town in Hoi An and within walking distance of most hotels and guest houses.

How long will the queue be?

There will be a queue from 11 o’clock onwards, and even earlier in peak season as many locals and tourists choose this as a breakfast option.

The queue is usually 15-20 people deep all day long but it does move quite quickly. You can expect to spend between 5-15 minutes in line. But honestly? It’s worth the wait.

They finish serving when they run out of ingredients which is usually about 9pm (but could be earlier) so don’t go too late.


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What type of Banh Mi do they serve:

The most common order is the special which comes with all the meats, salad, pate and veg. You can however choose from various types of pork, chicken or pate to create your own unique Hoi An Banh Mi.

If you want to copy Anthony Bourdain he went for the “special with a little bit of everything”.

How much does it cost?

The sandwich costs between 25,000 and 50,000 VND depending on what you have inside it, which is between $1.10 and $2.20.

They are such good value that locals still eat them on a regular basis and you’ll be tempted to order two at once to try the different toppings.


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Anthony Bourdain’s Hoi An Banh Mi full video:

In his tour of Hoi An Anthony Bourdain takes in some of the great Pho stands and tastes the local noodles but the real star of the show is the Banh Mi.

Hoi An Banh Mi on social media:


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The baguette comes stuffed with so much flavour that it literally feels as if it is melting into your mouth.


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