Turkish Kebab

7 Homemade Kebab Recipes From The World’s Best Bloggers

If you’re stuck in lockdown and craving some comfort food, then these homemade kebab recipes are a great place to start. A way to create a special treat that you would normally have out and about, yet is actually possible to make yourself!

There is always plenty of debate about what makes the perfect kebab, so we have rounded up a selection with lots of different styles. From vegan versions to classic lamb or chicken kebabs, they’re all seriously delicious. Who knew you could make your own so easily? The perfect lunchtime or dinner dish for something a bit different.

Make sure you bookmark these great recipe sites and flick through all their other lovely dishes. Get ready to start drooling…

Homemade Kebab Recipes

1. Minty Greek Lamb Kofta kebabs

This is a wonderful Greek recipe which shows that although the cooking styles change, the flavours are still massive. Super succulent meat served with perfect pita breads. The mint adds a nice freshness.

The recipe is by Makos of the Hungry Bites blog. He is a passionate cook and an even more passionate eater. Take a look around for some delicious Mediterranean inspired recipes!

Homemade Kebab Recipes

2. Homemade Doner Kebab: A Turkish Classic

The doner is a Turkish creation of meat, often lamb. It’s seasoned, stacked in a cone shape, and cooked slowly on a vertical rotisserie. It’s juicy and tender, and full of flavour. This cheat-doner recipe has all the same wow-factor as the real thing.

The recipes is by Anita who is a food writer, photographer, and recipe developer in NYC. She’s behind the blog Hungry Couple and a frequent contributor to food publications.

Turkish Kebab

3. Shish Babob Recipe

This shish kabob recipe features tender marinated beef, peppers and onions, all skewered together and grilled to perfection. Shish kabobs are a quick and easy meal option that can also be cooked in the oven during cooler weather months.

The recipe was created by Sara – a wife and mother to three little girls. She is also a food lover and a photographer. The photos of recipes here will have you drooling…

shish kabob recipe

4. Low Fat Vegan Kebab

Not all kebabs need to have meat in them, as this gorgeous vegan recipe proves. It’s a little more effort as you’ll be making it all from scratch, but the end result is stunning.

The recipe is created by Losune. Her aim is to help you find nutritious and delicious vegan recipes that will help you stay healthy and happy.

Homemade Kebab Recipes

5. Oven Chicken Kabobs

Bake these tasty chicken kabobs in the oven, and then finish them under the broiler. The result: juicy kabobs that everyone will love!

Healthy Recipes Blog was founded in 2011 by Vered Deleeuw. It features real-food recipes with a focus on low-carb and gluten-free ingredients.

6. Fire Roasted Chicken Kebabs

Fire roasted meat on a skewer can make even the bad days seem better. Chicken kebabs can also take you on a trip across the ocean where you feel like you are eating in downtown Istanbul or on the Grecian Coast. They are zesty, spicy and full of serious flavour.

The recipe was created by Over The Fire Cooking a website that will truly inspire you with their cooking techniques.

7. Goat Kofta Kabob

If that sounds too exotic for your taste, don’t write it off just yet! This just might be my new favourite kabob recipe!

The recipe is created by Hilda. Need a little inspiration? She will teach you new recipes (and ingredients) and reintroduce you to some classic favourites!

Homemade Kebab Recipes

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