Hot Chocolate Cookie Shots

Daily Drool #21: Hot Chocolate Cookie Shots

We love showcasing the most inventive and imaginative dishes, and you’ll struggle to beat today’s Daily Drool for sheer creativity. These Hot Chocolate cookie shots are lined with white chocolate on the inside, and shaped like shot glasses.

As if all that wasn’t droolworthy enough, they then get filled with a Nutella-based hot chocolate. This takes the whole definition of dunking a cookie in your milk or hot chocolate and flips it on its head.

Have a look at the hot chocolate cookie shots here in all their glory. A triumph of modern cooking technique and imagination…


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You’ll find them served in Mimi’s Sweets in Brooklyn, New York. The perfect place to stop off and have a little treat in this busy city.

They come in three flavours and you can choose from chocolate chip, sprinkle, or cookies and cream. You have some seriously hard decisions to make, but you’ll end up with something delicious no matter what.

These are of course a play on the cookie shot glasses that are filled with milk (which were first spotted in Dominic Ansel’s bakery),¬†which you can see below.

It’t a bit of a hard choice between the two but we are leaning towards the hot chocolate filling! Double chocolate = double win, right? Whichever one you do end up going for, you are in for a serious treat.

Who says that you couldn’t try both of them out?


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All we need now is for somebody to start making these in every city in the world so that we can all knock ’em back.

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