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The 50 Best Hot Dogs In America

After finding the best pizza, burgers and doughnuts in the country we wanted to step things up and find the best hot dogs in America. This simple meal is so synonymous with this great country that you could make a case for it being the national dish.

While a hot dog in its simplest form is incredibly simple there is a new breed of passionate foodies across the country reinventing it with imaginative toppings. The list also features some of the classic joints and small stands that have been cooking them for decades. In short, there is something here for everybody.

So whatever state you live in it’s time to hop into the car and head down to get one of the 50 best hot dogs in America

Best Hot Dogs In AmericaHow do these rankings work?

1. Tony’s Hot Dogs – Birmingham, Alabama

The hot dogs at Tony’s are famous all over Alabama, and it’s not hard to see why. Their tasty chilli slaw dogs are doused in delicious chilli and smothered in delectable toppings.

2. Denali Doghouse – Denali National Park, Alaska

If you’re headed to the beautiful Denali National Park in Alaska then make sure you stop at Denali Doghouse beforehand to grab a few of the best hot dogs in America. These Alaska-made reindeer hot dogs are a truly unique culinary experience.

3. Simon’s Hot Dogs – Arizona

You’ll find Simon’s Hot Dogs all over Arizona, which is great considering the fact that after you taste one you’re going to want them anytime you can get them.  Here, it’s all about choices – beef, pork, vegetarian/vegan, and even a Colombian chorizo option are all on the menu.

4. The Original ScoopDog – North Little Rock, Arkansas

Fresh frozen custard might be what makes this little ice cream shop so famous, but it’s their pure beef hot dogs that really keep people coming back for more. Quality hot dogs followed up by a creamy cup of frozen custard? We can’t think of a better combination.

Best American Hot Dogs Arkansas

5. Dirt Dog Inc – Los Angeles, California

Fancy tasting some of the dirtiest dogs in America? You’ll find them deliciously wrapped in bacon at Dirt Dog Inc in Los Angeles. It’s hard to describe how delicious the hot dogs here are, topped with a smattering of tasty ingredients. Better you just try them for yourself.

6. Dog Haus Biergarten – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Gourmet hot dogs, rotating craft beer on tap, and some of the most inventive toppings make Dog Haus Biergarten one of the best places for hot dogs in America for sure.  Case in point, their Oktoberwurst, a cajun spiced Emmentaler cheese-stuffed bierwurst, topped with caramelized onions, sauerkraut, mustard aioli and scallions. Are you drooling yet?

Best American hot dogs

7. Doogie’s – Newington, Connecticut

Hot, dog! These hot dogs are huge. Doogie’s is home of the two-foot hot dog, but that’s not the only reason why these dogs are famous. They’re incredibly delicious, and the styles you can choose from are endless. We suggest starting with the Man V Food, which comes with chilli, cheese, onions, peppers and bacon.

8. Johnnies Dog House – Wilmington, Delaware

The All-American menu of hot dogs at Johnnie’s Dog House is something that evokes a sense of patriotism, and the retro vibes are just the cherry on top. Choose from a beef, veggies or turkey dog, all of which are equally delicious.

9. Arbetter’s Hot Dogs – Miami, Florida

Homegrown and unpretentious are two words that guests commonly use to describe Arbetter’s Hot Dogs in Miami. Here, you can indulge in all the toppings you want, but we suggest starting with their world-famous chilli dog.

10. Doggy Dogg Atl – Decatur, Georgia

Hot dogs might never be totally healthy, but at Doggy Dogg in Atlanta, you can enjoy premium, fresh dogs. Here, they use ocally–baked fresh bread and delicious preservative-free toppings to craft some of the tastiest dogs in all of America.

Best Hot Dogs in Atlanta

11. Puka Dog – Koloa, Hawaii

Say aloha to one of the best American hot dogs. At Puka Dog, they make a mouthwatering Hawaiian-style hot dog using Polish sausages that’s going to have you drooling even before the first bite. They also cater to vegetarians so that everybody can enjoy their quality dogs.

12. Scotty’s Drive-In – Idaho Falls, Idaho

This retro-style drive-in serves up more than quality vibes. They’re also home to some of the best hot dogs in America. Sure, they’ve earned recognition for their burgers and shakes, but we’re here for the hot dogs, as they’re juicy and cooked to perfection.

13. Superdawg Drive-in – Illinois

This drive-in creates a truly unique culinary experience with its carhop service and quality ingredients. When you order a Superdawg, you’ll get a juicy pure beef hot dog wrapped in a warm poppy seed bun. It’s then formally dressed with all the trimmings, toppings, and tasty delights you can imagine.

14. Between The Bun, Burgers And Dogs – Indianapolis, Indiana

Creatively-topped and inventive burgers are what most people seem to know Between The Bun for. But, we’re here to let everybody know that their hot dogs are just as good, if not better. Their Windy City Dawg features a fried all-beef dog. Need we say more?

where to find good hot dogs in america

15. Milwaukee Wiener House – Sioux City, Iowa

You don’t have to travel all the way to New York in order to delight in and devour a Coney Island-style hot dog. You’ll find them in Sioux City, Iowa, where they serve some great American hot dogs that rival any hot dog stand you’d find on Coney Island.

16. Up Dog – Independence, Kansas

Up Dog serves up such inspiring hot dogs that there’s no way you’re going to be able to eat just one. From a unique Breakfast Dog all the way to their perfectly classic New York Dog, everything on this menu is downright delicious.

17. Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago – Louisville, Kentucky

Known for having some of the best burgers in Kentucky, Lonnie’s also specialises in other Chicago-style eats, like high-quality hot dogs. If you’re from Chicago, then eating here is going to taste like coming home.

18. Botsky’s – Lake Charles, Louisiana

High-quality ingredients and a dash of creativity melt together to help Botsky’s craft some of the tastiest American hot dogs. Don’t expect anything less than premium taste here, whether you order their Slawdog Millionaire or their Duck Norris.

Best American hot dogs

19. The Thirsty Pig – Portland, Maine

Forget about wine and cheese, this year the tastiest pairing is definitely hot dogs and craft beer. And, that’s exactly what The Thirsty Pig serves up – scrumptious house-made sausages with the best craft beer in all of Maine. Get ready to enter foodie paradise.

20. Cryin’ Johnnies – Mount Airy, Maryland

The hot dogs here are so good you’ll cry for more. At least, that’s their slogan. We think it’s true, and so do numerous other visitors who’ve tasted their delectable, delicious, and perfectly-crafted dogs.

21. Coney Island – Worcester, Massachusetts

This retro eatery has been serving hot dogs with chilli sauce since 1918, so they’ve had over 100 years to perfect their recipe. And, perfect it is! The dogs here taste so absolutely scrumptious that they might ruin you for other hot dogs forever.

22. Dog Central –  Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Dog Central serves famous dogs and legendary late-nights to locals and visitors who come from near and far just to get a taste of the delicious dogs. Offering perhaps one of the most extensive hot dog menus on this list, the only problem you’re going to have is deciding which one to try first.

Classic American Hot Dog

23. Uncle Franky’s – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Voted as having the best hot dogs in Minneapolis, Uncle Franky’s is no shy to recognition for just how delicious their dogs are. However, they’re so delicious that numerous visitors said they’re the best in America. From the Coney Island dog to the Chicago dog, they do it all just right.

Coney Island Hot Dogs USA

24. Memphis Dawgs & Deli – Olive Branch, Mississippi

Even though they closed their brick and mortar location, there was so much demand for the hot dogs here that the folks behind Memphis Dawgs & Deli came back with a cart. Now, you can follow their Facebook to find out where they’ll be in order to sample some of the finest American hot dogs you’ll find anywhere.

25. O’Doggy’s – Rolla, Missouri

From traditional all-beef hot dogs to the variety of bratwursts on the menu, there’s nothing at O’Doggy’s that’s not mouthwateringly delicious. Creative toppings are standard here, with one of their famous hot dogs featuring baked beans, BBQ sauce, and bacon.

26. Mark’s In & Out – Livingston, Montana

A 1950s eatery that offers high-quality hot dogs and other retro food, Mark’s In & Out is the best place in Montana if you’re craving a good hot dog. Stop by for one of their famous chilli dogs and then top it all off with a tasty shake.

27. FlyDogz – Lincoln, Nebraska

Regular beef dogs, turkey dogs, and even specialty vegan dogs are all on the menu here. However, it’s their more unique menu offerings that seem to have people intrigued. Their CinnaDog, for example, features a tasty cinnamon roll bun, jumbo beef, chilli, and a side of cream cheese frosting. Yum.

28. Cheffinis – Las Vegas, Nevada

Cheffini’s in Las Vegas takes a tried and true American tradition and turns it on its head. The hot dogs here are inventive and deliciously creative, with toppings that range from a fried egg to avocado.

The Best Hot Dogs in America

29. Gilley’s Diner – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

If the original 1940s interior of this quaint American diner doesn’t draw you in, then surely the smell of their steamed hot dogs will. Perfectly cooked and served in a deliciously simple manner, the hot dogs here represent what a true American hot dog is all about.

30. Hiram’s – Fort Lee, New Jersey

The cosy roadside setting of this unassuming hot dog joint in New Jersey might not seem like much, but it’s home to some of the best hot dogs in America. You can’t miss out on the chilli dog, which is a must if you’re visiting for the first time.

31. Urban Hotdog Company – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Urban Hotdog Company serves some of the most creative, mouthwatering hot dogs in all of America, without a doubt. Featuring a menu that’s just about as long as an actua wiener dog, you can find literally anything you’re looking for here. Potato wrapped sausage, Polish sausage, Guinness soaked bratwurst, it’s all on the menu.

Gourmet Hot Dogs in America

32. Nathan’s Famous – Coney Island, New York

Ranking the best hot dogs in New York is quite the task. But, Nathan’s Famous serves up such delectable dogs that it’s pretty easy to say they’re some of the best in America. Fancy tasting what Coney Island hot dogs are all about? Head to Nathan’s Famous.

American Diner Classic Hot Dog USA

33. Zack’s Hotdogs – Burlington, North Carolina

Zack’s Hotdogs is a family-run classic in Burlington, but we think their hot dogs are so savoury that they deserve to be on any list of the best hot dogs in America. Here, they serve them simply but jam-packed with flavour.

34. DogMahal DogHaus – Grand Forks, North Dakota

Forget the Taj Mahal, DogMahal is the new Mecca, at least for foodies in the Northern US. You haven’t tasted truly quality hot dogs until you’ve tasted the onion ring-wrapped hot dog here.

35. Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace – Columbus, Ohio

Offbeat toppings are standard here, but it’s not like you need them – the hot dogs taste perfect on their own. Choose from Vienna beef, vegan ore even vegetarian hot dogs and pair it all with an ice-cold beer.

36. Diamond Dawgs – Norman, Oklahoma

It’s hard not to drool all over the menu as you browse the variety of toppings Diamond Dawgs serves up. From spicy jalapenos to creamy mac and cheese, you’re going to definitely want to try more than one hot dog here.

37. Junkyard Extreme Burgers and Brats – Junction City, Oregon

It’s all in a name, and Junkyard Extreme Burgers and Brats certainly delivers. The hot dogs here are extreme in the best way possible. Their famous all-beef franks come in a variety of styles – Chicago, New York, Spicy Louisiana, and even a special Pizza Dog.

38. Wieners Gone Wild – Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Rockin’ hot dogs and twisted tots are what you can expect from this Pennsylvania eatery. The wieners here truly have gone wild. Their quarter-pound all-beef premium wieners are topped with combinations that’ll make your mouth water even before the first bite.

39. Olneyville New York System Restaurant – Providence, Rhode Island

From lunch to late night you’ll find this casual diner serving the best hot dogs in America. Here, it’s all about the hot weiners and their premium toppings. There’s no way around it, everything here is so delicious that you’re definitely going to need to try the whole menu.

40. Hot Dog Depot – Rock Hill, South Carolina

Although the hot dogs here might look simple, there’s absoulely nothing simple about the array of flavours you taste when you first bite into one. From the standard chilli dog to the bacon-filled bun, there’s something here for everybody.

41. Hungry Dog – Mitchell, South Dakota

Unique flavour combinations and quality service make Hungry Dog pretty popular amongst locals. If you’re travelling through South Dakota and want to sample a taste of America, we suggest stopping off here.

42. Cori’s DogHouse – Nashville, Tennessee

Gourmet hot dogs here are accompanied by a trove of over 30 different toppings to choose from. Whether you want your dog simple, sweet, or savoury, there’s something here for everybody, including state-specific dogs. What a trendy little treat.

Best Hot Dogs in America Tennessee

43. Buldogies – Conroe, Texas

Their tagline is “hot dogs with attitude” and it isn’t hard to see why as soon as you set your eyes on one of their meals. Huge portions, big flavours and lots of exciting toppings make these a meal you won’t forget in a hurry.

The one thing we will say is make sure to come with an appetite.

44. J Dawgs – Midvale, Utah

At J Dawgs they serve up fresh hot dogs daily, all placed neatly within locally baked buns. The flavours here are divine, and their Polish hot dogs are literally some of the best in the entire country.

45. Al’s French Frys – South Burlington, Vermont

Don’t be deceived by the name – Al’s French Frys certainly serves quality fries, but they’re even better when you pair them with a hot dog. Choose from a hot dog, chilli dog, or cheese dog. Or, go hungry and get them all!

Hot Dogs America Best in Country

46. Doug’s Hot Dogs – Norfolk, Virginia

Doug’s Hot Dogs serves up big taste for such a small place. This mom and pop shop sure knows how to create unique flavours and it shows in their hot dog offerings. Toppings galore and tasty franks are standard. Now, you just have to decide which you’ll try first.

47. Matt’s Famous Chili Dogs – Seattle, Washington

Here, you can expect to get quality, personalised franks that are piled high with premium toppings. Start with their famous chilli dog, but then branch out to explore the other variety of hot dogs available. They’re all some of the best hot dogs in America.

48. Hillbilly Hot Dogs – Lesage, West Virginia

There isn’t much about Hillbilly Hot Dogs that’s not creative, from their unique website and marketing all the way to their inventive gourmet hot dogs. They’ve certainly got the weenies, and lots of them. Their menu is so extensive that there’s no way you’re not coming back for seconds.

Where to Find the Best Hot Dogs in America

49. Martino’s Italian Beef and Hot Dogs – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When it comes down to it, Martino’s Italian Beef and Hot Dogs is a cut above the rest due to their personalisation and attention to detail in terms of flavour. Order their jumbo, foot long and fire versions of the regular dogs or stick to the basics, it’s all absolutely delicious.

50. The Original Hamburger Stand – Casper, Wyoming

Expect nothing less than premium hot dogs here. We love the simplicity of their menu. Choose from the classics and delight in the superior taste. Your tastebuds are about to go on a journey.

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