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Planning a trip sometime soon? If so, you’ve probably got a few things to consider. Will you stay in one city or hop around? No matter where you go, accommodation is one of the most costly and important things to factor into your trip experience and expenses. Planning the tiny details of your trip can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be stressful to book a hotel. 

By booking a hotel rather than an Airbnb apartment, you save yourself a load of hassle. After all, a little added convenience can go a really long way on holiday, especially when in a foreign country. In a hotel, you don’t have to worry about complicated check-in times. A delayed flight that’s moving your arrival to oddball hours? Most hotels will accommodate. Or maybe you’re arriving earlier than you planned; in that case, hotel rooms generally have more flexibility. 

Another perk that goes a long way is the ease of location. It’s not difficult to find plenty of hotel options smack dab in the city centre, making getting around significantly easier. Since hotels are directly geared toward tourists and tourism, they are rarely located in residential areas and tend to be near the hotspots also making it easier for taking the city by foot, if you prefer. 

There are more than a few incredible hotels out there just dying to be indulged in. Whether you’re after world-class luxury, a little bit of romance or simply convenience, we can fit the bill. If you need a cheap hotel for a short trip, pet friendly hotels for your pooch or hotels with a jacuzzi in the room, we’ll help you find your dream place to stay. Disney hotels with the kids, Cape Cod hotels for a couples’ break, an Instagrammable hotel in Bali or hotels in Barcelona for a European city break – you’re one step away from them all…

We partner with KAYAK to bring you all of the best hotel deals around the world.

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KAYAK is well known for its incredible metasearch engine, which searches hundreds of hotel booking engines across the world to find you the best hotel deals.

Look for the best deals on different booking sites (or use a comparison site like KAYAK to do the hard work for you). Hotels often reduce rates at the last-minute, and might often have special deals if you book directly. These tips will help you find the cheapest hotel deals, no matter where you want to go!

Yes… and no! You can often get better rates by booking direct with a hotel if it’s last-minute, or perhaps they have a special promotion that they are running. However, hotel booking sites can often be cheaper, especially if you have sign up as a loyal user to access ‘secret’ member deals. You can also set price alerts on KAYAK which is a great benefit to booking online.

It’s generally much cheaper to book a hotel online in advance rather than walking in to book the day of. When you book in advance, you can compare prices from several booking sites to get the best deal. Plus, if it’s a hotel you really want to stay in, why run the risk of them being booked out when you arrive?

It’s all down to the comparison site’s ingenious algorithm, which discovers price results from more than 2 million hotels  and hundreds of third party booking sites. This allows users to save up to 35% on hotel rates.

Shop around for the best deals in advance! Setting up price alerts is a good way to save money for a particular destination. You can also save money on hotel rooms by  planning your trip at off-peak dates (why not stay from a Sunday-Tuesday instead?) or by booking hotels that are a little outside of touristy areas.

There’s no hard and fast rule for this, but one thing that never hurts is to be nice! Ask politely upon check-in if there might be any possibility for a complimentary upgrade. Mentioning special occasions in advance can also up your chances, so let the hotel know if you are staying for a birthday or anniversary.

It all depends on what you need – for example is great for flexible travel as you can often cancel bookings free of charge with less than 24 hours notice. has super last minute deals and Expedia often has exclusive discounts. Using a comparison site such as KAYAK ensures you get the best of all the deals!

Unlike airfare, which tends to rise considerably closer to the date, hotel prices usually drop in price closer to the date. If you don’t have a particular hotel in mind that you’d be upset if it was sold out by the time you go to book, then it’s probably best to wait until closer to your travel dates to book a hotel room.

Motels are generally a lot cheaper that hotels, that’s for sure, but if it’s the little extra luxuries you’re after (and who isn’t?) then a hotel is your best bet. Motels usually have limited facilities, while hotels feature a range of amenities such as more spacious rooms, fitness centers, spa, room service and more.