Australia hotels overview

Australia is famous for its incredible wildlife, diverse scenery and vibrant cities. Whether you visit for the unique cultural makeup, ancient history or mindblowing scenery, the land of Oz has something for every type of traveller. From the Great Barrier Reef to the ancient grounds of Uluru to the buzzing atmosphere of Sydney, you’ll have plenty to explore on your Australian holiday.
Are you the adventurous type? How about an epic road trip through the Outback or a once in a lifetime camping trip in Tasmania? Fancy a beach vacay? The shores of Byron Bay are perfect for that. Or maybe you’re out to do a little shopping and explore the city sights? Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide are waiting.

Just about everything in Australia can be summed up as vast, and that includes the hotel variety. Regardless of what type of traveller you are, there are an infinite amount of accommodation options to make your stay in Aussieland memorable. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-luxe hotel stay at Sydney’s Four Seasons or a rejuvenating experience at the famous Karijini Eco Retreat, there’s something to fit the bill for everyone.

Australia Travel Guide

Australia hotels FAQs

It depends on the type of vacation, the options are endless; from visiting the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the Australian outback, hiking some of the amazing islands, or visiting the major cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

Australia has many beautiful cities, however, some that have been named as the ‘most beautiful’ are Perth, Melbourne, Port Douglas and the Gold Coast.

Yes, Australia does have all inclusive resorts, but don’t expect to find the same type as you would in the Caribbean. They are not as common, but you can expect to find some really good ones, especially if you are willing to pay a luxury price tag. The majority of best all inclusive resorts are dotted around the Gold Coast.

To name a few; barbecued snags (bbq sausages), lamingtons (national cake of Australia), meat pies and vegemite. But out of all the Australians specialities, roast lamb has been declared Australia’s national dish.

The cheapest months generally to fly is from mid April until late June. Although these months are autumn/early winter, if you’re looking for some Australian sun it might not suit your plans, unless you visit the north of the country.

There is no doubt that Australia can be expensive for tourism, but it all depends on how well you budget. However, Australia is home to many backpackers, you can cut costs by staying in hostels and homestays which are dotted all around the country. If your budget is in the mid-range, a couple can expect to spend on average $145 per day.

A simple Hey/Hello/Hi. Try to avoid saying “G’day” or “G’day mate” when first meeting someone as it might come across as rude to some people. Many Australians greet by saying “Hey, how are you?” – usually you don’t answer this, it’s just a different way of saying hello.

This all depends where you stay and what and how many excursions/activities you want to do. A week in Australia on average costs $1,012 (per person), while a week in the US on average can cost $1,568. In general accommodation is often cheaper in Australia compared to the US. Again if you plan on staying in major cities in both Australia and the US, you can expect to pay higher prices. 

The cheapest city in Australia to live in is Adelaide, this is primarily due to the city being student centric as 3 major universities are in Adelaide. Some other relatively cheap cities are; Wollongong, Hobart, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
The number one tourist destination in Australia is the Sydney Opera house, it’s featured on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the world’s great architectural icons. Enjoy a performance, dine at one of it’s restaurants, tour the building or view it from a distance (voted most impressive view), at the Royal Botanical Gardens.