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The 7 Best Breakfast Spots In Houston

They say that brekkie is the most important meal of the day, and the good news is that there are some seriously good Houston breakfast spots to choose from. We’ve rounded up the very best so that you can focus on getting your day off to a great start.

From a quick coffee and pastry on the go to a more leisurely meal that you share with a friend, there is something for every type of morning person on this droolworthy list.

Start your day with one of the very best Houston breakfasts…

The best places for breakfast in HoustonHow do these rankings work?

1. The Breakfast Klub

The open at 7am every morning but whatever time you come there is often a large line of people. That is a good indicator of just how good their breakfast is, and the treat that you are in for.

While there are lots of brilliant dishes on the menu, the fried chicken and waffles is on a whole different level. Seriously wholesome and honest food that you will get addicted to from the very first bite.

Houston breakfast

2. Blacksmith

Blacksmith is best known for their coffee which the put huge effort into sourcing and making, but the food is the real hidden gem.

They keep the menu simple with some baked goods, healthy options and sandwiches, but there is something on the menu for everybody. It’s the perfect way to get the day off to a great start with awesome food and world class coffee.

Houston Breakfast spots

3. Common Bond Café & Bakery

Two neighbourhood restaurants where the community gathers to dine and bond over good food and extraordinary pastries. They also happen to serve some of the very best coffee to wash those pastries down with.

Their breakfast menu also features some absolute classics like the Croque Madame, which is pictured below. An absolute explosion of taste.

Houston Breakfast spots

4. Dish Society

What really sets Dish Society apart is a dedication to using the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible. That hard work in sourcing can be tasted in every single mouthful of the breakfast menu.

They also manage to balance the menu perfectly between healthy options and some proper breakfast treats that are ideal for a cheat meal. Top-class cooking.

Houston breakfasts

5. The Toasted Yolk Cafe

They make pretty much everything the serve in house ,which when coupled with their great service and buzzing room makes this the ideal Houston breakfast spot.

Their food is always super fresh, colourful and inventive and the portions are big, so the breakfast will set you up for the day. You will quickly be planning your next visit as soon as you eat here once.

6. Angela’s Oven

A family owned and operated bakery in the Houston Heights.  All of their bread and pastries are handcrafted without the use of  preservatives or dough conditioners which makes for the ideal breakfast treat.

They also pop up at Houston farmers markets and sell their goods to many coffee shops in the area. The ideal Houston breakfast to grab on the go.

7. Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Snooze is a small chain that are aiming to help us rethink breakfast, in particular the quality we should expect with our morning meal.

Their pancakes are some of the best you will ever taste, as are the benedict and french toast. They also have lots of healthy, vegan options such as grain bowls.

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