Best Chicken Wings In Houston

The 7 Best Spots For Chicken Wings In Houston

Houston chicken wings are among the best in the country, so we set out to find where to find the spots with the tastiest wings in the entire city. And, as one of the capitals of Texas BBQ, there are tons of great places to get sauce-smothered wings.

If there’s one dish that brings pleasure to the masses, it has to be a humble portion of chicken wings. Something so simple, yet with so many varieties that never fails to deliver happiness. The fact that you usually wash them down with some beer is just an added bonus…

All over America wings are served in bars, restaurants, diners and cafes as a staple food that we all know and love. Here are the seven best Houston chicken wings

Best Chicken Wings In HoustonHow do these rankings work?

1. The Hay Merchant

The Hay Merchant recently made our list of the 50 Best Craft Beer Bars in the US. With over 80 different craft beers on tap to choose from, your only problem here is going to be deciding what to order. In terms of food, however, start with their world-class wings. Their six sauce options include Caramelized Fish Sauce, PB&J, Stout BBQ Sauce, Classic, Gochujang, and Auntie’s Masala.

Best Chicken Wings In Houston

2. Bonfire Wings

Craving a bit of Louisiana flavour in this sprawling Texan metropolis? Head on over to Bonfire Wings to indulge in dishes that are rooted deep Louisiana heritage and its unique Creole and Cajun cultures. The wings are truly mouthwatering, with over ten tantalising sauces to choose from. The Bonfire Fried is a nice place to start for newbies.

Best Chicken Wings In Houston

3. Dak & Bop

Not all of the best chicken wings in Houston have to feature traditional Southern flavours. Case in point, the Asian fusion Korean-inspired chicken wings at Dak & Bop. The wings you get are an even mix of drummettes and flaps, ensuring you get more than enough meat to sink your teeth into.

Korean Chicken Wings Houston

4. Big City Wings

Despite the name, Big City Wings serves up a delectable variety of fine, flavourful dishes. However, as we’re here to talk about the wings, that’s what we’re going to focus on. They’re crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside, just the way they should be. They’ll smother them in some nice specialty sauce blends as well.

5. Wings of Houston

At Wings of Houston, they’re pretty dedicated to quality and flavour. They begin to prep chicken wings for ten hours before they’re ever served. Then, they cook them low and slow the Southern way just to seal in freshness and flavour. The result? Mouthwatering wings that’ll have you dreaming of them long after the last bite.

6. STUFF’d Wings

The concept behind STUFF’d Wings is unique, and we think it’s something any self-respecting foodie will want to taste test. This spot starts off with award-winning wings. Then, they stuff them capacity with a stuffing of your choice before battering and deep-frying them to a golden crisp. Stuffings range from Mac n Cheese to Seafood, Pork, and more.

Stuffed Chicken Wings Houston

7. Sticky’s Chicken

Sticky’s Chicken is all about, well, chicken! Head here for a tantalising dive into some of the juiciest, most tender chicken in all of the Houston metroplex. It practically falls off the bone and is covered in sauce before being plated onto a nice bed of sides, if that’s your style.

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