How Long did it Take to Build Bay Bridge?

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is a complex of independent structures that span San Francisco Bay. The older western section, the Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge, connects downtown San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island. The eastern section connects Yerba Buena Island to Oakland. An earthquake damaged the eastern section, so workers replaced it. When it opened, it carried automobiles on its upper deck and the lower deck was for trucks, cars, buses and commuter trains, however, when the rail service was discontinued, workers converted the lower deck to all-road traffic. Curious to learn more about this incredible structure? Then, read on. We’ll tell you how long it took to build the Bay Bridge, as well as plenty of other interesting facts about its construction. 

How Long did it Take to Build Bay Bridge?

It took just over 3 years to build Bay Bridge.

When was Bay Bridge built?

Workers started construction of Bay Bridge on 8 July 1933. They completed the structure in 1936. Former US President Herbert Hoover attended the bridge’s opening ceremony on 12 November 1936.

how long to build bay bridge

Where is Bay Bridge?

One end of the bridge is located in San Francisco. The other end is in Oakland. The bridge connects these two major cities in the state of California.

What body of water does the Bay Bridge span?

The bridge spans San Francisco Bay which is a shallow estuary.

What type of bridge is Bay Bridge?

The Bay Bridge is a complex of bridges. The western section is a double-deck crossing that consists of two end-to-end suspension bridges. In the middle is a large-bore tunnel through Yerba Buena Island. When the bridge opened in 1936, this was the world’s largest-bore tunnel. The original eastern section was a cantilever bridge. The replacement bridge, constructed after an earthquake caused part of the bridge to collapse, is a self-anchored suspension bridge and a pair of viaducts.

how long to build bay bridge

Who built Bay Bridge?

Charles H Purcell designed the Bay Bridge. Purcell was an American civil engineer. The heavy/civil construction firm American Bridge Company constructed the bridge.

How many people did it take to build Bay Bridge?

It took 8,300 workers to build the bridge. The union ironworkers earned about $11 a day.

What is Bay Bridge made of?

The bridge is made of steel. The massive centre anchorage is constructed of concrete.

how long to build bay bridge

How long is Bay Bridge?

The west span of the Bay Bridge is 3,141 metres (10,304 feet). The east span of the Bay Bridge is 3,102 metres (10,176 feet). The total length is 7.18 km (4.46 miles) excluding approaches.

How many people died building Bay Bridge?

Twenty-eight workers died during the construction of the bridge.

How much did it cost to build Bay Bridge?

It cost $77 million to build Bay Bridge in 1936. By comparison, it cost $15 million to build the Brooklyn Bridge which opened in 1883, it cost roughly $60 million to build the George Washington Bridge which opened in 1931 and it cost $35 million to build the Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in 1937.

Who was the first person to cross Bay Bridge?

Albert Mills was the first person to cross the bridge in a car. He was a member of the Maryland National Guard. He drove the car that took the photographers across the bridge to get the official photos.

Why was the Bay Bridge rebuilt?

In 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake rocked the Bay Area. The natural disaster caused the upper deck of the eastern side of the Bay Bridge to collapse onto the lower deck. Officials decided the Bay Bridge needed a seismic retrofit. They refitted both east and west spans of the bridge. However, workers replaced the eastern span altogether with a new self-anchored suspension bridge (SAS) and a pair of viaducts. When the new section opened, it was the world’s widest bridge.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge


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