The 7 Best Pizzas In Iceland

The foodie scene on this small beautiful island has been exploding in recent years, so we want to focus on the best Iceland pizza joints.

From the thin and crispy through to thicker pizzas there is something here for everybody.

All you have to do is work up an appetite, grab a couple of friends and head out to one of the very best Iceland pizza spots…

Best pizza in IcelandHow do these rankings work?

1. Flatey Pizza

It’s all about sourcing the very best of ingredients and it shows up in what is a wonderful end product.

They have some brilliantly imaginative toppings all while keeping the pies traditional in style. Some of the very best pizza you will ever taste.

2. Blackbox Pizzeria

Their stylish restaurant is beautifully designed and a joy to spend time in from the second you walk in the door.

Their pizzas are classic in style with a dough that takes a day to prove which is then cooked in less than two minutes for pure pizza perfection.

The best pizza spots in Iceland

3. Eldsmiðjan

Their wood-fired oven is the key to churning out some seriously tasty bases that have perfectly crisp bases.

Add in some tasty toppings and sauces and this is a pizza you’ll be thinking about for days to come.

4. The Coocoo’s Nest

A brilliant restaurant where they make great pasta, bread, cocktails and of course some of the best pizza on the island.

It’s all about their base which is thin and crispy and charred in their oven to perfection. The rich tomato sauce and high quality cheese mean it needs very little in the way of toppings.

5. Eldofninn

Their pizzas are perfect for people who love a super thin and crispy crust. They have a huge selection of their own pizzas to choose from or if you prefer you can make your own from scratch.

One thing is certain and that is that you will be leaving here with a big smile on your face.

Iceland pizza

6. Ölverk Pizza & Brewery

There is only one thing that is better than pizza and that is washing it down with some really good beer. As the name suggests they have some great craft beers and their pizzas are the perfect match.

Iceland pizza

7. Devitos Pizza

To say their pizzas are cheesy would be an understatement. They are the perfect treat to get as a takeaway and enjoy in the comfort of your home.

No need to over complicate it with the toppings because a classic pepperoni is all you need.


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