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The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rabat

When it comes to ‘gram-worthy places, there’s endless Instagrammable Spots across the globe, but which ones are the best Rabat Instagram spots?

From urban skylines and tropical rainforest waterfalls to cotton-candy-hued cafés, we’ve rounded up the most photogenic places in every country in the world. The places where you’ll capture travel photos that you’ll want to share with everyone you know.

Visiting Rabat?

These are the top seven spots you can’t afford to leave off your feed.

1. Hassan Tower

This famous red sandstone landmark is what remains of a 12th-century minaret and mosque that was never finished. It was supposed to be the world’s largest mosque at the time, but now serves as simply a piece of beautiful architecture.

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2. Chellah

 The Chellah is a walled Roman ruin of a town that’s just outside of the Medina in Rabat. A World Heritage Site, it’s one of the most popular attractions to see in Rabat, and also houses a medieval Muslim necropolis.

How to Find the Most Instagrammable Spots in Rabat

3. The Rooftop at Cantor Terminus

‘Cos you just can’t beat a good rooftop terrace snap for your Instagram, right? The sun terrace restaurant at ONOMO Hotel Rabat Terminus is a prime sunset spot.

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4. Kasbah des Oudaias

Like most other cities in Morocco, Rabat is old, but what really makes it stand out from other places is this section of the city. The Kasbah has brightly painted blue streets and walls, along with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean.

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5. The Souks

The vibrant and busy souks are located in Rabat’s Medina (the old part of the city) and are a great way to spend a few hours. Stroll through the small laneways, bargain over spices and see all sorts of colourful crafts.

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6. The Andalusian Gardens

The Andalusian Gardens of Rabat were built in the 1800s by the French. They’re beautifully kept and are a popular place with locals for a stroll after work. As well as pretty gardens, you can also try some excellent mint tea here.

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Image: Morocco World News

7. Avenue Mohammed V

This majestic main street in Rabat is a beautiful stretch of promenade with tall trees, a mosaic fountain and plenty of activity. Take a breather on one of the many benches and people-watch, snapping a nice Rabat Instagram shot.

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