Instagrammable New York Cafes

The 7 Most Instagrammable Cafes In New York

The amount of Instagrammable New York cafes continues to grow, so we wanted to pick out the best of the best. Indeed, it was no surprise that when we named the 50 most Instagrammable cafes in the world, New York alone had three spots on the list.

These are places where a combination of the food and decor make the place so pretty that you can’t not get a shot for the gram. Cafes that will make your friends insanely jealous of your food and light up your feed.

So grab your phone and start working your way through the most Instagrammable New York cafes…

1. Pietro Nolita

The whole place is like an ode to the colour pink. Add in some lush greenery and you have a backdrop to your Instagram shots that you couldn’t make up even in your wildest dreams. Pietro Nolita is pure photogenic perfection.

2. SERRA by Birreria

In a city that has some of the best rooftop experiences in the world, SERRA by Birreria takes things to a whole new level. Colourful flowers, superb food and amazing service means it ticks every single box.

3. Cafe Medi

It’s all about the stunning murals and art work at Cafe Medi. The whole room comes together in spectacular fashion with high ceilings and good lighting adding to its aesthetic. Easily one of the most Instagrammable cafes in the world.

4. Flour Shop

Chances are you’ve seen Flour Shop pop up on your Insta feed before! This highly creative bakery and cafe is owned by artist extraordinaire and baker Amirah Kassem – her food-based installations have been exhibited everywhere. This cafe has all the best things to eat with a fun rainbow to pose under.

Get ready to ‘gram explosion cakes, unicorns, sprinkles and glitter.

5. Cha Cha Matcha

They put matcha at the core of everything they do and even sell an energy drink online with it as the core ingredient.

Their two cafes in New York serve up some of the most colourful and exciting treats you could ever imagine. Purple soft serve? Tasty cold brews? There is something for everybody here and it’s all set off by their plush pink interior.

Instagrammable New York Cafes

6. Grace Street Coffee

They serve boba toast, desserts and a huge range of specialty beverages that are colourful beyond belief.

You’ll find bubble teas as well as some of the brightest and most exciting latte art in the city. Every drink feels like a work of art; you are nearly worried about ruining it by taking a photo. But hey, needs must.

Bubble tea Instagrammable New York Cafes

7. Bibble & Sip

They serve the finest gourmet coffee, espresso, and pastries. Their staff are trained in French confectionery and inspired by Asian flavours.

The interiors feature clean lines and are the perfect complement to their stunning array of pastries. This is like a cake shop designed for kids but with grown ups the main customers. A paradise for cake lovers.

Instagrammable New York Cafes

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