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7 Interesting Facts About Croatia

Famous for its glistening Dalmatian coast, charming medieval cities and gorgeous countryside, Croatia is on many a Euro bucket list. No matter if you’re a foodie, a history buff or just fancy some romantic charm, Croatia truly has it all. Whether you’re planning to visit or just brushing up on some Hrvati trivia, here are some interesting facts about Croatia. 

7 Interesting Facts About Croatia


1. Croatia is home to the world’s smallest town

Croatia is known for its picturesque villages loaded with myths and legends, and one of them happens to be the smallest in the world. Just an hour from Umag you’ll find the teeny tiny town of Hum. Located in the heart of Istria tucked away in Buzet, with just 30 inhabitants, it’s thought to be the smallest town in the world.

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2. It’s a favourite for GOT fans

Game of Thrones had several filming locations across Dubrovnik which served as the perfect backdrop for the fictional King’s Landing. From Lokrum Island to Bokar Fortress and St. Dominika Street, Dubrovnik’s medieval charm brought the series to life. Even though the series has ended, you can still embark on countless GOT themed tours through the city to step into the universe of Westeros. 

facts croatia

3. Croatia has a surprising number of UNESCO Intangible Goods.

In Croatia, traditional crafts and traditions have been preserved unlike any other nation. In fact, Croatia has the highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods of any European country. Among them are traditional crafts like lacemaking and wood carving along with festivals and traditional cuisine. They also boast several recognitions for their traditional music and dance such as the Ojkanje singing and Nijemo Kolo, a traditional circle dance. 

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4. Croatia is the birthplace of Dalmatians

Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast is famous for its Roman roots, stunning scenery and rich cultural scene; but did you know it’s also the birthplace of one of the most famous dog breeds? That’s right; dalmatians come from Croatia. Dating as far back as the 17th century, these gorgeous dogs originally functioned as hunting hounds and were also used as carriage dogs in their early days.

5. It boasts an impressive amphitheatre

Croatia is home to a rich history that spans millennia and includes a long stint by the Romans. Thanks to this, it is home to Pula, an amphitheatre in Istria that was once home to the infamously gory gladiator battles. Istria is not only one of Europe’s most incredible Roman relics, it’s also one of only three conserved in the entire world and is the 6th biggest in existence. 

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6. It’s the birthplace of Nikola Tesla

Long before the days of Elon Musk, the name Tesla conjured images of one of the world’s greatest inventors who fave way to the world of electricity – Nikola Tesla. He was born in the mountains of Lika, which was then Serbia and now Croatia, he proudly identified with his Serb and Croatian roots.

7. It’s a great destination for winos

Some 2,500 years ago Greek settlers introduced vineyards to the Croatian coast, and they’ve been perfecting the art of winemaking ever since. Today it remains an integral part of Croatian culture and a staple in the nation’s food scene. The most popular varieties include Babić Babić a red wine from Dalmatia and Malvazija, dry white wine from Istria. 

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