Best Pizza in Iowa

The 7 Best Pizzas In Iowa

The Midwest is home to some of the United States’ tastiest foodie cultures. And, while Iowa is particularly well-known for pizza like other famous American cities such as Chicago and New York, it’s still amongst some of the best in the country.

Seeing as Iowa is home to a pretty fantastic craft beer scene, it honestly makes sense that Iowa pizza would be truly out of this world. The state’s home to one of the largest craft beer bars in the country. And, that sounds like a great pairing for pizza to us.

But, you’ll find the best Iowa pizza at a few different places. From local craft beer bars to sit-down restaurants, check out our picks for seven of the best pizzas in the state of Iowa.

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1. Fong’s Pizza – Des Moines

Fong’s Pizza is a quirky mix of an old-school Polynesian cocktail lounge and a pizzeria, and are known nationwide for their famous Crab Rangoon pizza. If ever there was a tasty blend of East-meets-West flavours, this place is it.

Other creative pies to drool over include the Korean Fire Beef pizza with Gochujang sauce, bulgogi steak, mozzarella and Asiago topped with flavorful kimchi.

Best Pizza in Iowa

2. Zipp’s Pizzaria – Adair

Zipp’s Pizzaria might not look like it serves up some of the best pizza in Iowa, but it genuinely does. The pies here are thick and mega-cheesy, with toppings ranging from classic red sauce, cheese and pepperoni to a garlicky, buttery pickle pie.

If you can’t get enough of this place, they also do frozen pies so you can enjoy them at home.

Zipp's Pizzaria

3. Eatery A – Des Moines

If you’re craving Mediterranean food in Des Moines, Eatery A never lets you down with a flavoursome menu of local ingredients. While there’s plenty of dishes that will tempt you (order the bacon-wrapped dates with red pepper coulis to start!), the pizza here is a must-eat. Woodfired pies come with toppings such as mushroom, soft egg, truffle oil or gourmet cheese.

Best Pizza in Iowa

4. Pagliai’s Pizza – Iowa City

This family owned pizza joint is proper old school and is a real local favourite. Serving up generations-old Italian family recipes and thin crust pizza baked in stone hearth ovens, it’s the real deal. Take your pick from one of Pagliai’s all time favourite specialty pizzas, or build your own from our large menu of options.

5. Mabe’s Pizza – Decorah

Mabe’s Pizza is another longstanding pizzeria in Iowa that’s stood the test of time thanks to family recipes and made-from-scratch pies. The pizza here is known for its signature ‘square’ slices, with thin and crispy dough and classic toppings such as sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon or mushrooms.

6. Great Plains Sauce and Dough Co. – Ames

If you find yourself in Central Iowa, make a beeline for a delicious pie at this Ames pizza joint. Great Plains Sauce & Dough Co. has been a fixture for more than 30 years and is still as good as ever. Want to make your own perfect pie? Choose from a selection of six different crust styles, three thick and three thin, with 16 different toppings.

7. Zeno’s Restaurant – Marshalltown

Zeno’s is a family-owned pizza parlor that’s been slinging out thin-crust pies for more than 60 years. The crispy crusts and tangy red sauce are the perfect base for the toppings here. Whether you’re a classic pepperoni person or want something different, Zeno’s has it. What about a non-traditional Bavarian Pizza with provolone, bacon and sauerkraut?

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