Irish Dishes

7 Traditional Irish Dishes You Have To Try When Visiting

Ireland is becoming well known on a global level for its incredible and diverse seafood offerings, organic vegetables, small artisan producers and quality meats. Irish food is flavoursome, and exciting, with a style all of its own. If you want something a little more ‘traditional, then these Irish dishes sum up some of the most popular old school dishes in Ireland.

These are the dishes you will find in places catering to visitors looking for quintessentially Irish comfort food dishes. For each dish we’ve also included a recipe from some of the world’s best bloggers too, so you can try making the dish at home yourself. Get ready to dig into these delicious eats…

Traditional Irish Food Dishes to Try

1. Baileys Irish Cream Brownies

Okay, so Baileys isn’t traditional in the sense of the word, but the creamy liquor is a classic in Ireland. It’s the perfect splash to add into a rich dessert.These Baileys Irish Cream Brownies are so decadent! If you love the flavour of Baileys Irish Cream then these chocolate brownies are for you.

Recipe created by Rodney.

2. Vegan Boxty

Boxty is real comfort food, but you won’t find it at many restaurants. This easy vegan boxty recipe requires just six ingredients (including salt and plant-based spread to fry the potato cakes in) and fries up in minutes. It is also the perfect recipe to use up leftover mashed potatoes.

Recipe created by The Fiery Vegan.

3. Irish Soda Bread

Irish soda bread is a dense-yet-soft quick bread that requires no yeast.  With just a few ingredients, you have a hearty bread that’s simple and easy to make.

Recipe created by Barbara.

4. Instant Pot Colcannon Irish

In under 30 minutes and in just one pot, you can make this creamy Colcannon, a traditional Irish mashed potato and kale side dish.

Recipe created by Jill.

5. Corned Beef And Cabbage

Baking, instead of broiling, gives this a more appealing flavor. The tender corned beef will be flaking into soft, delicious bites that goes perfectly with the classic cabbage on the side.

Recipe created by Marta.

Irish Dishes

6. Guinness Beef Stew

Guinness Beef Stew is an Irish stew that is made with Guinness Stout. It is a beer that is a very dark brown and full of flavour. For rainy days, this is a great recipe to whip up to feed the masses.

Recipe created by Sue.

Irish Dishes

7. Irish Coddled Pork with Cider

This really is a traditional Irish dish for you – Irish Coddled Pork with Cider. This slow cooked stew will really hit the spot!

Recipe created by Lea.

Irish Dishes

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