The 7 Best Istanbul Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Istanbul

This huge city that straddles both Europe and Asia is a melting pot of cultures, with great food options. Istanbul burgers are up there with the very best in the world – think huge variety, superb quality and endless choice.

We wanted to pick the seven best in the city so all you have to do is worry about working up an appetite and getting stuck into these great burgers.

Be prepared to drool; these are some seriously delicious Istanbul burgers

Best burgers in IstanbulHow do these rankings work?

1. Route Burger House

Huge, juicy patties with super fresh meat and an array of brilliant and original toppings make this spot a winner every time.

A simple room with quick and friendly service and outdoor terrace seating for the warm months. What more could you need?

Route Burger House in Istanbul

2. Nusr-Et Burger

This spot is owned by world famous chef and social media star “Salt bae”. He’s best known for seasoning his steaks, but this is a serious burger that will melt in your mouth.

The portions are huge so make sure to come with a serious appetite. An all-round fun place to come and marvel at original cooking styles.

Nusr-Et Burger In Istanbul

3. Jimmy’s Burger

Jimmy’s Burger is a buzzing room with indoor and outdoor seating and some of the best classic cheeseburgers in the city.

They keeps things classical and don’t overload the burgers with toppings. Just great bread, utterly delicious and fresh meat and all finished with melted cheese. Perfection.

Jimmy's Burger In Istanbul

4. Baltazar

This restaurant is like paradise for meat lovers. They have some amazing steak, lamb and chicken on the menu but you should look no further than the burgers.

Either the classic bacon cheeseburger or their spicy Mexican burger are what you want to be trying off the menu. Both are superb.

Baltazar Burger

5. Handmade Burger Co.

A family owned business since 1975 when they opened their first restaurant in Stockholm. Handmade Burger Co.  might be a chain, but they do things so well.

Some wonderfully inventive toppings and they also do one of the best veggie burgers in the city, if that is your thing.

Istanbul burgers

6. Zula Istanbul

Their burgers are so perfectly formed that each one looks like a work of art when it arrives to the table. Fresh buns and juicy meat = droolworthy burgers.

No excessive toppings here or huge loaded portions. Just perfectly proportioned burgers that are big on flavour and quality.

Zula Istanbul Hamburger

7. Virginia Angus

They now have three branches where they serve up their burgers that are all made using Angus beef. They are seriously passionate about only sourcing the very best meat, and it shows in the end product.

Add in a portion of their home fries and you’ll see that life does not get much better than eating here. One of the all-round best Istanbul burger experiences.

Virginia Angus Burgers In Istanbul

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