The 7 Best Istanbul Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Istanbul

Want to eat the best Istanbul pizza but overwhelmed with choice in this huge bustling city? Fear not, because we have the seven best pizzas in the city. The places you simply can’t afford to miss when here.

From classic Italian restaurants to the more simple slices that you can just grab when on the go, there is something here for everybody.

So grab a friend, work up an appetite and start feasting through this list of the very best Istanbul pizza joints.

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1. The Upper Crust Pizzeria

This place has three branches in the citym which is a good thing as you’ll never be too far away from their gorgeous pizzas.

Their pizzas are absolutely massive and made for sharing as they come pre-sliced, so order a few different toppings for the table. Everything is super fresh and the staff couldn’t be any friendlier. The perfect spot for a family meal out.

Upper Crust Pizzeria In Istanbul

2. Zucca Pizza & Cafe

They serve up huge pizzas that spill out over the edge of the platters – they are SO big. They are super thin and crispy however, so you should be able to finish one off no problem.

Their toppings are all classical in style. You don’t need too many, because the base, sauce and cheese are so good as they are.

Zucca Pizza & Cafe

3. Pizzeria Pidos

They’ve been in business for 20 years since opening in 1999. Anywhere that serves pizzas for that long and has so many loyal customers has to be doing something right.

They have some other classic Italian dishes but we suggest you stick to the pizza, because it is an absolute winner every single time.

Pizzeria Pidos

4. Pizzeria Pera

They place great emphasis on sourcing the best ingredients and doing so as locally as possible. The end result? A pizza that tastes absolutely incredible, with toppings that are bursting with freshness.

A perfectly thin and crispy base makes this an ideal pizza, and one you will be coming back for over and over again.

Pizzeria Pera in Istanbul

5. 400°C Pizza

They take their name from the temperature it takes to cook their pizzas. They are only in the piping hot oven for less than two minutes, which ensures a wonderful crispy crust.

Friendly staff and a lovely dining room make this a foolproof place to eat some tasty Istanbul pizza.

400°C Pizza

6. Pizzeria Il Pellicano

They serve up a range of super traditional Italian pizzas, including the calzone which is one their best.

Pizzeria Il Pellicano pride themselves on sourcing the best ingredients, as well as their quick turnaround from when you order to when you get the pizza. Absolutely delicious.

Pizzeria Il Pellicano

7. Metre Pizza

As the name suggests, they do indeed serve pizzas that are a metre long and about 20cm wide. They are obviously made for sharing, with lots of different toppings and the pizza placed in the middle of the table.

This isn’t some gimmick though, because they are cooked in a proper wood-burning oven and taste delicious.

Istanbul pizza

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